In the first game of the second half on the 15th, the Cleveland Guardians added a major league record in 10 years away from the Texas Rangers.

In the top of the 3rd inning, the brothers hit a home run at the same time in one inning. First, his younger brother, catcher Beau Naylor, hit a two-run home run (No. 2), and then his older brother, first baseman Josh, also fired a two-run home run. Despite the two-run double by the brothers, Cleveland lost to Texas 12-4.

Since the founding of new teams in 1961, including the Naylor brothers, there have been six cases in MLB history when brothers hit simultaneous home runs in one inning. The last, on April 24, 2013, was a home run by brothers BJ and Justin at the Atlanta Braves. Prior to this, the Upton brothers hit a simultaneous home run in one inning on April 7.

Cal Ripken Jr. and his brother Billy Ripken both hit single-inning home runs for the Baltimore Orioles. Former home run king Hank Aaron and his brother Tommy both hit simultaneous home runs in one inning with the Milwaukee Braves in 1962.

There are many sibling players currently active in the MLB. Catchers Wilson (St. Louis Cardinals), William Contreras (Milwaukee Brewers), bullpen pitchers Edwin 토토사이트(New York Mets), Alex Diaz (Cincinnati Reds), Taylor Twins, Tyler Rodgers (both SF Giants), catcher Austin (San Diego Padres), starter Aaron Nola (Philadelphia Phillies), designated hitter Yuri (Miami Marlins), outfielder Ludes Gurriel Jr. (Arizona Diamondbacks), first baseman Nathaniel (Texas Rangers) and outfielder Josh Lowe (Tampa Bay Rays).

If you work on the same team like the Rogers and Naylor brothers, parents have no worries about cheering them on. However, like the Nola brothers, the teams are different, and besides, the parental feelings become a situation in which no one can applaud when the pitching match occurs.

Who is the best sibling duo in MLB history?

the upton brothers The brothers have been the top pick since the 1965 MLB Draft was conducted. The Virginia State native had his older brother BJ, 38, selected by the Tampa Bay Rays with the 2nd overall pick in the 2002 draft. Three years later, in 2005, his brother, Justin Upton, was selected 1st overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Upton brothers had 489 combined homers in their career, beating the DiMaggio brothers (486) by 3 runs. Justin had 325 and his brother BJ had 164. The DiMaggio brothers have 486 home runs, with older brother Vince 125, and Joe, the protagonist of 56 consecutive home runs, 361. However, if you increase it to a troika, not a duo, it is the most home runs by brothers. His youngest, Dom DiMaggio, also hit 87 home runs.

Brother duo 4 in third place is Ken and Cleat Boyer. Ken, who made a name for himself as a third baseman for the prestigious St. Louis Cardinals, hit 282 home runs, while his brother Cleat, who played 8 seasons for the New York Yankees, hit 162 home runs. Another brother, Cloyd, is a pitcher and has no home runs.

392 brothers Kyle and Corey Seager (Texas Rangers) are progressive. His older brother, Kyle, abruptly retired after the 2021 season with 242 home runs at the age of 33. Shortstop Cory currently has 150.

Infielders Brett and Aaron Boone (manager of the New York Yankees) recorded 378 home runs, and JD and Stephen Drew recorded 365 home runs, making them among the top 6 sibling duos of all time.

There are a total of 439 couples of brothers who have been active in the major leagues of all time. Among the pitching brothers, Phil and Joe Nickro are the most famous knuckleballers. Phil is a Hall of Fame member.

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