The MBC labor union (the 3rd union), a minority union of MBC , made a ‘shocking revelation’ that its interview regarding the discharge of contaminated water in Fukushima, Japan was biased. It is claimed that he concealed his identity as an ‘anti-nuclear group’ and poured out 11 interview articles. On the 11th,

MBC’s 3rd union conducted 11 interviews while hiding its identity as an anti-nuclear group… Stop biased and agitational reporting’ and released a position statement, saying, ” MBC , which has been a habit of biased reporting by representing the opposition party’s position against the discharge of contaminated water in Fukushima, continued its one-sided incitement report yesterday as well.” .

They said, “The Pacific Islands Forum held a video conference with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Japan last month, and it was pointed out that ‘Japan’s discharge of contaminated water only brings damage to neighboring countries such as Korea토토사이트‘. ” It wasn’t a presentation, it was just the opinion of the attendees, but MBC’s ‘News Desk’ reported 3 top news stories as if it were a big scoop. The most notable thing is that one panelist, Arjun Machazani, had 11 interviews. “, he criticized.

“What’s more problematic is that in the report, Makazani was introduced as a ‘Pacific Islands Forum Scientist Panel’ and gave the impression of being a representative expert, but when I checked, this person was the representative of an anti-nuclear group called the ‘Energy Environment Research Institute’,” he said. “In other words, this person’s claim was the so-called ‘Dapjeongneo’,” he pointed out.

The 3rd union said, “However, MBC did not introduce any of the remarks of other attendees, and only repeated 11 interviews with the representative of the anti-nuclear group, giving the impression that attitudes were consistent and common concerns.” Roh MBC argued that when the IAEA announced the Fukushima polluted water research results, only two interviews with the secretary-general were written . “

They said, “The Pacific Islands Forum has 18 countries including Australia and New Zealand as members, but what other participants said, MBC did not deal with it at all, and only introduced CEO Makazani’s remarks.” Regardless of what this means to us, we cannot help but ask if it is fair to repeatedly introduce the voice of one leading anti-nuclear group to the top block in such a unilateral way . ”

Also, ” MBC also tried to emphasize the irresponsibility and incompetence of the Korean government by introducing Makazani’s remarks, saying, ‘Tae Do-guk worried about Korea instead.’ “Makazani says, ‘Can you find out if Fiji or Korea or any other Pacific Island country has an advantage?’ Besides, it’s absurd how one person’s remarks can be arbitrarily interpreted as ‘the countries concerned about Korea’.”

In addition, MBC said, ‘Japan’s release is in accordance with the IAEA’s policy to release radioactive materials only when the benefits outweigh the losses.introduced Makazani’s argument that it violates the principle of legitimacy. At the same time, he said that he violated the principle because there was no benefit to Korea.” “But what does this mean? In common sense, what benefit would discharge be for us? Viewers can’t help but wonder. However, MBC raised the level of criticism, saying, “It unilaterally introduced Makazani’s argument as if it were an absolute principle without any expert interviews or explanations on what the ‘legitimacy principle’ meant or how coercive it was.

” The union said, ” MBC repeated the interview 11 times with a representative of an anti-nuclear group whose identity was not disclosed. Its intentions are highly questionable,” he said. Stop unilateral claims and incitement reports immediately,” he warned strongly.

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