There is a player who boasts a sharp left foot that is called ‘the master of the left foot’ in the K-League these days.

The main character is Daejeon Lee Jin-hyun, who is leading the field this season by recording all attack points with his left foot.


A corner kick in the 28th minute of the second half.

Lee Jin-hyun’s third kick is sucked into the goal with a tremendous trajectory.

“Lee Jin-hyun~ Amazing left foot! Great. Lee Jin-hyun!”

Wonder goal and winning goal that exquisitely passed the goalkeeper’s height.

It wasn’t just a lucky goal.

[Lee Jin-hyeon/Daejeon]
<Did you aim?>
“Yes, to tell the truth, I aimed. Seeing the opposing goalkeeper step forward, I thought, ‘I’ll have to kick it right away’.

These days, Lee Jin-hyun’s left foot has risen to the point where the word magic fits.

Last month against Suwon, he won the Goal of the Month award with a fantastic left-footed mid-range shot, and the second goal that defeated leaders Ulsan was also a sensational kick.

And even a corner kick with a beautiful curve.

This season, he is leading the offense with 3 goals and 4 assists with his left foot only.

At one time, I was envious of ‘Son Heung-min’s left foot’, who uses both feet well, but with constant practice, I now have incomparable confidence.

[Lee Jin-hyun/Daejeon]
“In training, Son Heung-min practiced shooting, but he kicked well with his left foot in front of me, so I didn’t shoot. I kicked too well in front. That is…”

Since he scored a left-footed wonder goal in front of coach Klinsman, he might have high expectations for being selected for the national team, but Lee Jin-hyun calmly decided to eat his heart.

[Lee Jin-Hyun/Daejeon]
“I had a very strong desire to go (before the national team) and was full of desire to go, but there were a lot of times when I couldn’t do it myself when I was too hung up on it. I thought I went naturally after focusing on the team. Because I am doing…”

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