‘Jamsil Big Boy’ LG Lee Jae-won (24) looked back on the return process while being registered for the first team entry on the 6th.

Lee Jae-won laughed, saying, “I tried to make the same feeling in the first team as much as possible” ahead of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Doosan Bears game held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 7th, but said, “The past month was dying.”

In fact, Lee Jae-won, along with bullpen pitcher Lee Jung-yong in the team last winter, applied for the position of managing director, but withdrew it. He passed the paper screening, but he postponed enlistment for the sake of the team and himself, preparing for the season.

But he was injured before he even showed up. After suffering a side injury in spring camp, he returned and played three demonstration games before the injury recurred and he fell out. In particular, in the match against Kiwoom on March 26, he was named in the starting lineup, but he could not digest even one at-bat. A detailed diagnosis revealed micro damage to his flank. In the end, Group 1 is eliminated.

More than a month passed like that. And back on the 6th.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop gave homework to Lee Jae-won, who was injured. He couldn’t swing because he injured his side, so he had to watch the fast balls coming from his pitching machine. He trained to stand at the plate and see 700 pitches every day.

The effect of this training was shown in the game. Lee Jae-won had 4 hits in 5 Futures League games, 3 of which were home runs.
Lee Jae-won said, “I’m adjusting one by one. It feels like I’m going up step by step, step by step. It’s not all better,

He said, “At first, when I received this schedule, I thought, ‘Is this going to happen? It’s like. It took about two and a half hours,” he explained the return process.

At the same time as this training, I lost about 5 kg of weight.

Lee Jae-won said,토토사이트 “It’s not that I couldn’t do it because I gained weight (laughs). I thought it would be better to lose weight and join with a light feeling.” he explained.

Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop defined this season as the time for Lee Jae-won to establish his baseball.

Regarding this, Lee Jae-won said, “First of all, I have to not attack the pitchers. In a way, I just turn (the bat) and I have to turn it to hit the right hitter, but now I think I have to wait a little calmly. It has happened,” he said.

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