Hangzhou Asian Games national team coach Ryu Joong-il visited the Daegu Samsung Lions Park where the Samsung-LG match was held on the 14th. Head coach Ryu Joong-il, who visited the Daegu Samsung Lions Park for a field trip in preparation for the Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, China in September, visited the baseball field to watch LG’s midfielder.

Ryu Joong-il, coach of the Hangzhou Asian Games national team, often visits the baseball field to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each player on the reserve list. Because seeing it in person is the best way. Director Ryu Joong-il’s unique details are buried.

LG Park Myeong-geun and Yoo Young-chan, who were included in the preliminary list for the Hangzhou Asian Games, left a strong impression by collaborating on free throws.

Park Myeong-geun took over the baton after starting Adam Plutko in the 7th inning, leading 6-5. After a full count with Kang Han-wool, the first batter, he induced a ground ball to second base and got the first out count. Soon after, Jose Pirella also grounded out from second base. Finished the inning by inducing a miss with the 4th fastball (148km) from 1B-2S with Koo Ja-wook in the 4th ball count.

In the 8th inning, Yoo Young-chan got on the mound. The first hitter, Kim Tae-goon, was treated as a shortstop fly ball and then Kim Ji-chan walked. Soon after, Kang Min-ho was induced with a fly in left field. He was replaced with left-hander Ham Deok-joo in the second-out-first situation.

Ham Deok-joo easily defeated Lee Seong-kyu, a pinch hitter with 2nd base and 1st base, with a floating ball to 2nd base. Ham Deok-joo secured the team’s victory by tying up Lee Byung-hun, Lee Jae-hyun, and Kang Han-ul in the ninth inning. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop praised after the game, saying, “The young winning team stably blocked the last three innings and was able to win.”

LG Twins pitcher Yoo Young-chan / OSEN DB

For LG, Go Woo-seok, a high-end firefighter, is out due to an injury, and Jung Woo-young is not in normal condition. In the midst of this, young pitchers such as Park Myeong-geun and Yoo Young-chan calmed the opponent’s will to pursue with their thick guts.

In particular, Park Myeong-geun is a player that coach Yeom Kyung-yeop is working hard to develop into a rookie king.

“When I saw Park Myung-geun throwing in high school, I strongly felt that he had a good mentality. Having such a mentality makes a big difference. You can tell by looking at his facial expression in a crisis situation. There is a clear difference between being nervous and fighting and winning. It’s because everything is expressed on the face,” said director Yeom Kyung-yeop.

He continued, “The type of pitch Park Myeong-geun needs most is the changeup. I decided that if I equipped the changeup, I would have better conditions and could succeed in the first team. I invested a lot of time in equipping the changeup during camp. Now I throw it perfectly.” .

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop said,먹튀검증 “Park Myung-geun is a perfect winning team. I hope Park Myung-geun achieves good results and receives the Rookie of the Year award. My goal is Park Myung-geun’s Rookie of the Year award. I thought that way from the beginning.”

Park Myeong-geun and Yoo Young-chan are becoming the center of the LG mound, displaying their true value from the first year of their debut on the 1st team stage. As such, wouldn’t the possibility of participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games team increase even more?

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