Lee Hwa-young, former vice governor of Gyeonggi-do토토사이트, reversed his statement about remittances to North Korea, and even the former vice-governor and his wife fought in court for the first time. I can’t help but wonder about the background.

Reporter Seo Yeong-il focused today on those who have become two different dreams, putting the word “one heart and one soul” into a couple.

On the 25th, wife A appeared at the trial of former deputy governor Lee Hwa-young. She couldn’t understand the actions of this former lieutenant governor, she pleaded.

Mr. A / Lee Hwa-young, wife of former vice-governor of peace in Gyeonggi-do (Last 25th)
“I don’t know. I don’t know why he became like that.”

It was from the moment the former deputy governor opened his mouth to the prosecution that differences of opinion began to emerge between these couples.

TV Chosun Report (18th)
“The fact that former deputy governor Lee made a statement to the prosecution to the effect of ‘reporting the remittance to North Korea to CEO Lee Jae-myeong’ was confirmed at the trial last week.

” He wrote a petition saying that he was being appeased and threatened, and the reason was “because of the lawyers who were handed over to the

prosecution.” He
also submitted an ‘application for dismissal’ for some of the lawyers. ‘s teeth have already fallen out.”

And at the trial on the 25th, the conflict reached its climax.

However, the former deputy governor insisted that it was “not my will” at the trial, and Mr. A shouted at the former deputy governor, “Get out of your head,” leading to a marital fight.

Mr. A / Lee Hwa-young, wife of former vice-governor of peace in Gyeonggi-do (26th)
“I think the prosecution probably gave the lawyer some advice.”

The question remains as to whether Mr. A’s decision was arbitrary.

Before Mr. A submitted the petition, Park Chan-dae, a close aide to CEO Lee Jae-myeong, was known to have visited the closest aide to former deputy governor Lee Hwa-young and said to the effect that “the party will help as much as possible.”

Afterwards, it was also revealed that Supreme Commissioner Park and Mr. A made a phone call. 

Members of the Democratic Party go to the prosecutor’s office and hold a sit-in, while ardent supporters are campaigning to send money to former vice-governor Lee.

Representative Lee Jae-myung also stood at the fore.

Lee Jae-myung / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea (21st)
“It seems that the government’s approval rating has fallen a lot. Seeing that a new novel is coming out again…”

News 7 focused on whether the real background of the former deputy governor Lee Hwa-young’s ‘same dream’ was different.

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