Koh Young-pyo (32, KT) is the only pillar of the KT mound, which collapsed due to an injury this year. With So-jun Sohn undergoing elbow surgery and ending the season early, and Sang-baek Eom returning from a short break due to shoulder pain right after the opening, both foreign pitchers are showing severe ups and downs. Ko Young-pyo is struggling at KT, which has lost the power of the ‘selection powerhouse’, which had the most innings pitched by starters among 10 clubs.

In a home game against Kiwoom held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 24th, Koh Young-pyo threw perfectly with 4 hits, 4 hits, 5 strikeouts and no runs in 7 innings, leading KT to a 4-1 victory. He made his 8th start this season and earned his 3rd win (2 losses) of the season with his 6th quality start (6 or more innings, 3 earned or less).

Go Young-pyo had no success. As the team lost strength due to a rope injury and continued losing streak, Koh Young-pyo also missed victory every time. Koh Young-pyo has not won a single game in four appearances since his second win of the season against SSG on April 18. He played back with a quality start plus (7 innings or more and 3 earned or less) in 3 consecutive games, but no victory was awarded. As if Koh Young-pyo was exhausted amid the team’s sluggish performance, he collapsed with 12 hits and 8 runs in 4.2 innings against LG on the 18th, making an early rout for the first time this season.

However, he immediately regained the power of Ace. The Kiwoom that day was an opponent that Koh Young-pyo had not won for two years. After winning in Suwon on April 18, 2021, he played 4 more games until last year, but only suffered 3 defeats. The past two years were the time when Koh Young-pyo rose to the level of an ace in the league, but in the meantime, in the face of Kiwoom, which was difficult to win, he delivered a perfect pitch, filling 7 innings with 88 balls.

On this day, Kiwoom’s selection was also ace Ahn Woo-jin. Ahn Woo-jin is also continuing his powerful pitching, competing for the lead in strikeouts and ERA, despite not having a win this season. However, on the day the two unfortunate pitchers met, Seung-woon turned to Ko Young-pyo.

The KT batters, who lost 1-3 the previous day, scored 3 points from An Woo-jin that day. At the end of the 3rd inning, Kim Sang-soo scored the first run with an infield grounder from 1st and 3rd base, and then in the 6th inning, when Kim Sang-soo hit base with a double, Alford hit a timely hit to make it 2-0. KT scored an additional point as Kiwoom’s infield mistakes came out twice in a row in the continued unscathed first base. Woo-jin Ahn struck out 8 in 5 innings, but gave up 3 runs (2 earned) with 4 hits and 3 walks, and withdrew and took his 3rd loss (3 wins) of the season.

On this day, the KT fielders also helped Koh Young-pyo in defense. In the top of the first inning, lead batter Lee Jung-hoo’s big ball was caught by Kim Min-hyeok, and Ko Young-pyo was able to start easily. 1st base defender Park Byeong-ho caught the ball with a narrow margin and tagged it, and after video review, it was out and the runner was removed. Shortstop Kim Sang-soo scored the first run and scored an extra run, and in the beginning of the 9th inning, he swiftly caught Kim Hye-sung’s sharp batted ball at first and second base, and raised the count.토토사이트

Koh Young-pyo said, “The team situation is not good, but I am only focusing on what I have to do, blocking well at least 6 innings in each game. It was a game I was grateful to all my teammates for today.” I think it’s encouraging that I met Kiwoom, who I couldn’t win last year, even though I wasn’t in very good shape, and that I won against (Ace) An Woo-jin.”

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “Starter Ko Young-pyo pitched like an ace in a difficult situation for the team, and Jang Seong-woo’s lead was also good.” All the players worked hard,” he said.

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