Social Democratic Party lawmaker Otsubaki Yuko, who visited Korea for two days and one night, visited a hunger strike in front of the main building of the National Assembly on the 6th. On this day, she continued her 11th day of fasting, and together with Democratic Party lawmaker Woo Won-sik, she chanted the slogan “Against the discharge of contaminated water in Fukushima토토사이트.” Then, meeting with opposition lawmakers at the National Assembly Members’ Hall, “members of the Social Democratic Party are fighting against nuclear power. Creating a world without nuclear power is everyone’s goal,” she said.

The opposition party also opposes the discharge of contaminated water by a member of the Japanese National Assembly, and it seems that they wanted to show the appearance of international solidarity between Korea and Japan. This is because the Social Democratic Party is recognized by the public as the leading political party in Japan. But that’s literally an old story. The Social Democratic Party, the predecessor of the Social Democratic Party, was a leading figure in post-war Japanese politics along with the Liberal Democratic Party. For over 40 years, it has reigned as a progressive opposition party and even produced a coalition government prime minister. The Social Democratic Party, which did so, has now shrunk to one seat out of 465 seats in the House of Representatives and two seats out of 248 seats in the House of Councilors. Among them, one member of the House of Councilors is Representative Otsubaki.

The downfall of the Social Democratic Party is largely due to the retrogression of the times. Voters turned their backs on the blatant pro-North Korea line. In the 1980s, there were testimonies that missing Japanese people had been abducted to North Korea, but the Socialist Party denied it. There have also been claims that the bombing of Korean Air in 1987 was a South Korean act. Remarks praising the father and son of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il as great leaders also came from lawmakers. However, in 2002, Chairman Kim Jong-il met with Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who was visiting North Korea, and admitted to the abduction. In other words, the Chosun Workers’ Party, which was called the ‘Wudang’, hit the back of the head. Public sentiment has gone.

Social Democratic Party officials’ visit to Korea was made at the invitation of Rep. Kang Eun-mi of the Justice Party. However, the Democratic Party also actively utilized this ‘international solidarity’. Rep. Woo Won-shik’s hunger strike was attended by Rep. Noh Woong-rae and Wi Seong-gon, and Democratic Party lawmakers Woo Won-sik, Wi Seong-gon and Kim Han-jeong, and independent lawmakers Yun Mi-hyang and Kim Hong-gul attended the meeting. The 167-seat Democratic Party is in solidarity with the degenerate party with 0.4% of Japan’s seats. What the Democratic Party should learn from the Social Democratic Party is not international solidarity, but the words of the party that went against the times.

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