On the 14th , the Korea e-Sports Association, together with the Korea e-Sports Academy and Nongshim E-Sports , started recruiting for the ‘4th E-Sports Industry Academy’. Since its inception last year, the e-sports industry academy has produced about 80 graduates

up to the 3rd class. Many of the graduates found employment in various related industries, such as professional teams, media, and academies. 17 incumbent experts representing the industry provided offline lectures, securing expertise and diversity. The lectures will be delivered by experts in each field of e-sports, such as Cheol-hak Kim, Secretary General of the Korea e-Sports 메이저놀이터 Association, Ji-hwan Oh, CEO of Nongshim E-Sports, and Jae-seok Park, CEO of Shadow Corporation. Park Soo-yong, manager of Krafton, and Do-hun Kim, head of PSG Talon Esports, also joined the 4th class and are preparing new lectures. In the 4th course, the program is strengthened with the keyword ‘customized employment preparation’. In addition to the existing 14 -week curriculum covering △pro team △e-sports league operators △media and contents △e-sports education and development business, new lecture topics such as △e-sports job preparation process △ FPS league operation △foreign game team operation will be added. One-on-one counseling and individual/team projects were also changed to help students set their career paths. Incentives are provided to esports companies that hire graduates, and active support for graduates entering the industry.

Kim Min-yong, director of the Korea E-Sports Academy, said, “In the 4th course, we not only expanded the curriculum, but also strengthened the counseling program so that students can actively utilize what they have learned for employment.” I will do my best,” he said.

E-Sports Industry Academy graduates will be issued with a Korea e-Sports Association certificate. Complimentary certificates, internship opportunities at companies related to e-sports such as Nongshim E-Sports and Korea E-Sports Academy, and bonus points for employment are provided to graduates with excellent grades.

Course registration is until midnight on December 25th . A total of 30 people (separate auditing course) are recruited. Those wishing to take the course can apply online through the Korea E-Sports Academy website, social media , and the QR code on the course registration poster . Local and overseas residents can also participate in online auditing courses.

Cheol-Hak Kim, Secretary General of the Korea e-Sports Association, said, “Industrial Academy is a cornerstone for fostering talents who will take charge of the future of e-sports.” said.

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