After the end of this season, the possibility of Chelsea’s squad reorganization is attracting attention.

Transfer Markt, a German transfer media, predicted and introduced Chelsea’s best 11 next season if Pochettino takes over on the 14th (local time). The media predicts that Chelsea will reorganize their attacking team and recruit midfielders and goalkeepers as well. Chelsea spent 600 million pounds (approximately 927.1 billion won) on player recruitment this season and invested an astronomical amount, but this season in the Premier League, with 11 wins, 10 draws and 14 losses (43 points), they are staying in 11th place in the league. Chelsea have scored fewer goals than Leicester City (49 goals), which are in 19th place in the relegation zone, with only 36 goals in 35 Premier League games this season, revealing poor scoring prowess.

Osimen, Nkunku and Huang Felix were named as Chelsea’s best 11 strikers next season predicted by Transfermarkt. The midfield line will consist of Mount, Enzo Fernandez and Rabia, while the defense will be composed of Chilwell, Badiacil, Popana and James. Goalkeeper was expected to join Emiliano Martinez.

The total market value of Chelsea’s expected best 11 next season reached 643 million euros (approximately 934.3 billion won). Chelsea, who showed a lack of scoring ability, were expected to sign Napoli striker Osimen, who is the leading scorer in Serie A this season, and to completely recruit Joao Felix, who was hired on loan. Nkunku, Rabia and Emiliano Fernandez were also expected to sign. Among the players who are attracting attention with Chelsea recruitment rumors, Osimen’s market value was the highest at 100 million euros (approximately 145.3 billion won). The market value of Enzo Fernandez, who joined Chelsea for the highest transfer fee ever in the Premier League this season, was evaluated at 85 million euros (approximately 123.5 billion won).

Chelsea is also attracting attention with rumors of signing Kim Min-jae. 토토사이트Italian media Napoli Today reported on the 10th that ‘Chelsea is also trying to recruit Kim Min-jae. He suggested trading Koulibaly and Pulisic for Kim Min-jae.” Koulibaly, who has been active for eight seasons at Napoli, transferred to Chelsea this season, but has performed below expectations. Kim Min-jae, who led Napoli’s first Serie A championship in 33 years by playing an active role as a key defender this season, is predicted to leave Napoli with the buyout amount after the season. While rumors of Kim Min-jae transferring to various Premier League clubs, such as Manchester United and Manchester City, are attracting attention, it is predicted that Chelsea will use Koulibaly and Pulisic to recruit Kim Min-jae. Koulibaly and Pulisic were not included in Chelsea’s predicted best 11.

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