‘Korea’s John Rahm’ Jeong Chan-min (24) will take revenge for missing the cut last year at the KB Financial Live Championship (total prize money of 700 million won).먹튀검증

Jung Chan-min will participate in the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Tour KB Financial Live Championship (total prize money of 700 million won) held at Blackstone Golf Club in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do for four days from the 25th.

Jeong Chan-min, who experienced the bitter taste of missing the cut by hitting 74 shots in the first round and 82 shots in the second round, is determined to get rid of his regrets this year and rise to the top of the 2nd win of the season.

Jung Chan-min, who is participating in this tournament for the second time, returned with a completely different identity from last year. Last year, if he was only a promising player as a rookie, this year, he comes out as the first in the Genesis Grand Prize and prize money rankings. That’s why there is a lot of interest in Jung Chan-min.

In order to restore his self-esteem, the key is how to use the long hit that has become his trademark. Black Stone Golf Club, where the KB Financial Live Championship is held, is notorious for its difficult course. The fairway is narrow and the green is steep, so under par is not allowed.

Except for the 2020 tournament, which was first held in 2018 and canceled due to the spread of Corona 19, the cutoff was decided at over par in all four tournaments held until last year. After 4 over par in 2018, 3 over par in 2019, 5 over par in 2021, it soared to 8 over par last year.

However, in this tournament, there is a possibility that the cut will be eliminated in the lowest number of strokes ever. The rough, which has been holding players back, is not as long as before and the preferred lie is applied in the 4th hole, where the fairway is not in good condition. The fact that the rough is not long is good news for Jeong Chan-min, who is far-reaching.

Jung Chan-min is a long hitter and has a high-purity iron shot. He is second overall with an average drive shot distance of 325.06 yards, but he is known as a ‘400-yard long hitter’ because he can easily exceed 350 yards when he hits hard.

Because he has not yet been refined, his fairway hit rate remains below 40%, but his green hit rate is as high as 77.8%. Jeong Chan-min, who has long hits and sophisticated iron shots, is maintaining the top of the tour this season with an average number of birdies per round (4.24) and 20th in average at-bats (71.4706).

Jeong Chan-min said, “I missed the cut in last year’s tournament, but in this tournament, the goal is to pass the cut.” If you play too aggressively, you can lose a lot of strokes. Above all, the second shot is the most important.”

Jeong Chan-min, who won his debut at the GS Caltex Maekyung Open earlier this month, missed the cut at the SK Telecom Open last week and his rise slowed. Depending on the results of this tournament, Genesis points and prize money may be awarded. This is why a 2nd win is urgent.

The winner of this competition will receive 140 million won and 1,000 Genesis points.

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