It is known that webtoon writer Joo Ho-min submitted a written opinion to the court asking for punishment for Mr. A in connection with a case in which Mr. A, a special education teacher for a son with developmental disabilities, was accused of child abuse. Controversy is expected because it is the opposite of what the public opinion criticized earlier said that it would submit a petition seeking leniency for Mr. A. According to Maeil Business News reports, Joo Ho-min’s public defender submitted a written opinion

to the Suwon District Court on the 21st, saying , “The fact of emotional child abuse is clear, so I hope the accused will be convicted.”

According to the report, the opinion said, “The media interviews and biased media reports by the special education teacher are revealing the fault of the victim child. As a result, the parents of the victim child have become like perpetrators and have lost both work and daily life.”

It is also known that evidence of Mr. A’s guilt was attached.

At the trial, the lawyer for the special education teacher pointed out that the evidence attached to the written opinion by Ho-min Joo was submitted without due process, and the judge sent it back, saying that the evidence should be submitted through the prosecution if necessary.

This behavior contradicts Ho-min Joo’s stated position.

When the public opinion of criticism in relation to Mr. A’s complaint토토사이트 was infested, Joo Ho-min said through the YouTube community on the 2nd, “Even in this situation, I will try to solve the problem while minimizing the damage, and I will submit a petition seeking leniency (of Mr. A).” there is a bar

Ho-min Joo sent a KakaoTalk message to Mr. A at 8:37 am on May 11 last year asking for a change in the content of the class, and on the 13th and 18th of the same month, he told Mr. A how to communicate with people with autism He also sent a YouTube link of

In September of last year, when his son pulled down his pants in front of a female student and was reported as a school violence case, the frequency of Kakao Talk increased, and he sent messages after 8pm or on the last day of the Chuseok holiday to convey his request.

▶ Previously, Joo Ho-min sent his son B to school with a tape recorder last year, collected the recorded contents and reported Mr. A for child abuse. The prosecution judged that Mr. A’s remarks were an act of emotional abuse that harmed the mental health and development of Group B, and handed Mr. A to trial in December of last year.

According to the prosecution’s indictment, Mr. A turned to Mr. B and said, ‘You really hate him, what the hell is going on in your head?’ oh i hate it i hate to die I hate you i hate you too I hate it,’ he said.

At the third trial on the 28th, the judge said, “I think it is necessary to play the entire recording file submitted by the prosecution.” ” he pointed out.

Accordingly, at the 4th trial to be held on October 30, Ho-min Joo’s entire recording file will be played.

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