The YouTube channel of Cho Min, daughter of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk, was hacked.

On the 6th, Mr. Cho said on Instagram, “Our Google and YouTube accounts have been hacked. We are currently making efforts in all directions, including contacting Google to deactivate the account, but it may take time to recover, so we ask for the understanding of our subscribers.” He said.

He continued, “I’m very scared that the videos I’ve worked so hard to토토사이트create may disappear, but I’ll try my best step by step. I’ll have to wait for Google’s response, but I think it will take about 2 to 7 days to get my account back.”

Immediately after the hacking, Mr. Cho’s channel name was changed to ‘ XRP-LIVE’ , existing videos disappeared and videos related to virtual currency were posted. Afterwards, a notice appeared saying “Sorry, this page is unavailable. Try searching with a different search term.”

Mr. Cho opened a YouTube channel last May and revealed his motivation for starting, saying, “I thought it would be good to watch it later if I left something like a video diary. I want to create content that makes me happy.”

Afterwards, while actively posting videos such as travel mukbangs, one supporter pointed out that she was focusing too much on healing, and she expressed her position by saying, “I will live the life I want, not the life that others want or demand.”

Previously, on the 10th of last month, the prosecution indicted Mr. Cho without detention on charges of using false official documents, obstruction of business, and obstruction of official duties through fraud. Mr. Cho is accused of submitting false documents to the Admissions Management Department of Pusan ​​National University Graduate School of Medicine and the Medical School of Seoul National University.

Former Minister Cho was indicted on charges of corruption in his child’s entrance exam and was sentenced to two years in prison in the first trial, while former Dongyang University professor Kyung-Shim Jeong was sentenced to four years in prison on charges of corruption in his daughter’s entrance exam.

During former Minister Cho’s trial, conversations his family had in a chat room between 2015 and 2016 were revealed. According to the first trial ruling, Mr. Cho sent a text saying, “Professor Noh Hwan-jung told me that I was going to receive the scholarship this time, but to do it quietly and not tell other students!” To this, former Professor Jeong responded, “Huh, it looks like they are cracking down on the kids. Just pretend not to notice.”

Former Minister Cho’s lawyer argued that the 6 million won scholarship he received while he was senior secretary for civil affairs at the Blue House did not constitute a bribery offense or a violation of the Anti-Graft Act. The first trial found him not guilty on the bribery charge and guilty on the anti-graft law.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cho’s YouTube channel has amassed nearly 300,000 subscribers in about three months since its opening. To date, donations excluding advertising revenue amount to approximately 10 million won. Mr. Cho has hired a dedicated YouTube editor and is communicating with supporters by uploading a variety of content.

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