Yesterday (11th) it rained a lot across the country토토사이트.

In the midst of this, I’ve seen many articles saying that concrete pouring work was captured at some apartment construction sites.

Construction workers in raincoats pour concrete over the formwork.

As a result of confirmation through the National Construction Labor Union, the article said that concrete pouring work was carried out at some apartment construction sites in Gyeonggi and Incheon yesterday.

The problem is that pouring concrete on a rainy day is considered one of the dangerous jobs that weaken the strength of concrete.

The key to determining the strength of concrete is the ratio of water to cement. When concrete is poured during rain, the ratio of water increases and the strength of the concrete weakens.

In January of last year, lack of concrete strength was pointed out as the cause of the collapse of the outer wall of Hwajeong I-Park Apartment in Gwangju.

However, the article pointed out that there are no specific legal provisions for pouring in the rain.

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