On the 29th of last month, when the highest daytime temperature in Seoul rose to 36 degrees, a heat wave warning was issued. On a weekend afternoon, the central atrium on the first floor of the Starfield Goyang store turned into a large ball pool. Starfield prepared unique content under the theme of ‘Summer Trip to Starfield’ for the holiday season. Here, an experiential event with the concept of

a delivery application (app) delivery people ‘B Mart’ and a summer resort was held. You can ride a 2.6m high slide and play for 30 minutes in a ball pool filled with 300,000 balls, but families with children had to wait 2-3 hours to use the facility.

Department stores, hypermarkets, and complex shopping malls welcomed the heat the most on this day when many parts of the country were boiling. Even in the worst heatwave, I was able to enjoy the special. This is because as outdoor activities become more difficult, such as when the weather outside is hot or it rains heavily, more and more people are looking for large indoor spaces. As people flock to cool department stores and shopping malls, sales at retailers are on the rise.

Last weekend, The Hyundai Seoul, located in Yeouido, Seoul, was also transformed into a huge play space. More than 10,000 citizens went to visit the pop-up of the popular YouTube character ‘Pbangppangi’s birthday party’. As soon as it opened, less than 30 minutes passed and the crowds gathered so much that we couldn’t wait any longer. The number of weekend visitors increased by 30% compared to the previous week as the’Flipside Market’, where you can experience the new foldable phone Galaxy Z Flip and Fold 5, was also held.

With the hottest days ever since the beginning of last month, the distribution industry hastily started preparing for summer this year. Various events and promotions were started under themes such as ‘indoor summer resort’, ‘vacation’ and ‘summer festival’.

Starting this month, Plus Mall will open experience classes linking store brands and cultural center programs. In particular, the plan is to attract family customers by preparing programs such as swimming pools, roller skating rinks, and climbing, targeting children on vacation.

The Shinsegae Starfield Hanam branch also has a ‘Yanolja Holiday Market’ in its Hanam branch, which seems to have moved markets around the world, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Guam, and Japan, and sells various goods and conducts experience events. In addition, Lotte Department Store is holding unique events such as popular restaurant pop-ups and insect museums at major stores토토사이트, and Hyundai Department Store is holding a Disney-themed event, ‘Summer Fantasy’.

Aunt (36), who lives in Hanam, Gyeonggi Province, visited the nearby Starfield every weekend throughout this summer. Mr. Koh, who often visits to avoid the heat without a specific purpose, said, “It is good for shopping and the indoor space is large, so it is good to spend time with children and dogs.” I come here often,” he said.

The number of visitors and sales of retailers are rising by double digits as people who are exhausted from the heat like Mr. Ko flock in large numbers. Last weekend (29-30), the number of visitors to Lotte Department Store and Lotte Outlet increased by 10% and 15%, respectively, compared to the same period last year. In particular, as the number of family-unit customers with children increased, sales of kids products increased by 20% each at Lotte Department Store and Lotte Outlets during this period. Food and beverage ( F&B ) sales also increased

as customers who visited department stores and outlets to avoid the heat ate their meals inside . Last weekend’s F&B sales at Lotte Department Store and Lotte Outlets also increased by 10% and 15%, respectively. Shinsegae Department Store also showed remarkable sales growth last weekend as customers were crowded. Total sales at Shinsegae Department Store increased 9.3% year-on-year, and F&B sales increased 10.9% year-on-year. I’Park Mall’s Yongsan and Gocheok stores also saw an 11% increase in the number of visitors over the past two days compared to the previous week. The growth rate of F&B sales was also high at 8-9%. Retailers are busy managing facial expressions. An official from a large shopping mall said, “Consumers are looking for indoor shopping malls more when unbearable weather such as fine dust, intense heat, and cold weather continues.” In order not to miss it, we are planning various events.”

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