Jeonnam Dragons ‘Captain’ Hu-gwon showed an emotional reaction after the match against his former team, Seongnam FC. The two teams that met in K League 1 are now in a position to compete in K League 2.

Jeonnam, to which Hoo-Kwon belonged, drew 2-2 with Seongnam in the 6th round of Hanawon Q K League 2 2023 at 6:30 pm on the 8th at Gwangyang Stadium. After Jeonnam dedicated the opening goal to Seongnam Chris, he scored two goals in the second half to take the lead, but Lee Jong-ho conceded a goal in the 32nd minute of the second half, resulting in a draw.

Jeonnam captain Hoo Kwon played for Seongnam in 2016 and 2017. His professional debut was with Bucheon FC 1995. After returning to Bucheon after completing his military service at Sangju Sangmu, he moved to Seongnam and played in Seongnam uniform for two years.

After meeting Jeonnam for the last time as a member of Seongnam in 2016, Kwon Lee will face Seongnam, the “parent team,” as a member of Jeonnam after 7 years. He expected it to feel the same as usual since it had been six years since he left Seongnam, but it was not.

Hu-kwon said, “I didn’t think much about it when I was preparing for the first match. I wanted to meet each other in a nice place. I’m a Jeonnam player, but I’m also a fan of Seongnam and I’ve always supported Seongnam. As a fan, it was difficult to deal with Seongnam. . I had a lot of thoughts,” he said, expressing his feelings about playing the Seongnam game.

After the game, Hoo-Kwon Lee was the only Jeonnam player from Seongnam to express his feelings in front of Seongnam’s away supporters. He said, “Before the preparation for the game, I only thought that we were a team that needed to win, but when I went to say hello to the fans after the game, I was overcome with tears. This is the team I hugged when I was having the hardest time, and the fans who supported me a lot even though it was lacking. I still remember it. I had a lot left behind, and I was an enemy anyway, but I had a lot of thoughts,” he said, revealing the reason for approaching the fans.

As a fan and member of the K-League, who had to watch Seongnam’s relegation, Hu-gwon said, “I wish I hadn’t met. It was a team I left to do better, and the fans applauded and cheered me on to do well. Even after leaving, I wish I had left.” You continued to do, but seeing it again in a place like this made my heart feel a little like that.”

Hoo-kwon Lee, who has been playing for Jeonnam for five years, is leading the team as captain of Jeonnam this season. He also played with the captain’s armband against Seongnam. I remembered my mission again.

Hoo-kwon Hu, who said that he felt the weight of the captaincy, said, “I have been on many teams, but the captain brothers seem to have excellent skills and were great players. “All I can do is show dedication. I want to be a captain who is seen through actions rather than skills, so I’m taking the lead more. Coach Hong Myung-bo said, It would be nice if all 11 people on the soccer field were good at soccer, but one or two are on the team.” There was a saying that you need a player who is dedicated to the cause.

He continued, “That kind of mind seems to have been a great source of strength for me as I argued. I am still lacking. I am lacking in young players, colleagues, and older brothers, but I think I am overcoming it because they help me a lot, and I think we are all showing it together.” He expressed his gratitude to the players around him who made up for it.

A tougher schedule awaits in April and in the future, but I plan to do my best with the thought of doing my best in every game. It’s because he was born in 1990 and soon entered his mid-30s, so he doesn’t have much time. Hu-kwon said, “If you play a lot of games, there will be some difficulties, but on the other hand, it is an honor. I don’t think I have much time to set foot on the soccer field. I don’t care too much whether it’s a tight match or if there are few or many matches.

Regarding the first home win of the season, he said,메이저놀이터 “I’m sorry to the fans. They come to the stadium every time and believe in me, but I think everything is perfectly prepared before the game. But when I go out to the stadium, I have to talk, lead, and lead the players. Because of that, I think the home victory was delayed. I will do my best to make it better and win the next home game as soon as possible, “he promised victory.

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