KIA Tigers manager Kim Jong-guk was sent off for the second time in the season due to a video review appeal.

It was the exact opposite of the first exit.

The final game of the first half against Samsung at Champions Field in Gwangju on the 13th. Samsung, which was 0-0, had 2 outs and 1st base in the top of the 3rd inning.

The missed ball hit by Pirella rolled slowly along the first base line. Pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong caught it quickly. Batting runner Pirella was running inside the line. To avoid this, the ball thrown by Hyeonjong Yang was biased toward second base. First baseman Choi Won-joon reached out but could not reach it. Eventually, the ball headed toward the second baseman who came in as a backup. Batter runner Safe and first base runner Kim Seong-yoon took advantage of this opportunity to advance to third base.

KIA immediately requested a video review.

Reading took longer than expected. With less than 30 seconds left, the conclusion is safe.

The referee explained, “The batter runner ran toward the pair, but it was judged as a throwing miss from the beginning and declared safe.” KIA coach Kim Jong-guk kicked off the bench and ran out. He protested vigorously. According to the rules for automatic exit for protesting the video review, director Kim was ejected.

▶27 days ago, 3-foot defensive obstruction VR judgment overturned → Nightmare begins

KIA has a nightmare about video reading related to the 3-foot line defensive obstruction rule.

Coach Kim Jong-guk was sent off for the first time of the season on the 16th of last month against Gwangju NC while appealing to the opposite case.

In the 5th inning, which was chasing 9-10, Shin Bum-soo threw a bunt on the 3rd base side in the 5th inning, and Ryu Jin-wook lost his balance and committed a bad throw. tied 10-10. Video reading made at the request of the NC side. Shin Beom-soo was out because he jumped inside the 3-foot line and interfered with the defense. The score was canceled, and the runners had to return to their original positions.

It was very unfortunate for KIA, who suffered토토사이트 losses in both the judgment at the time and this judgment.

▶ Controversial phrase ‘If the umpire judges’, the time difference that was disadvantageous only

to KIA Baseball Rule 5.09 out rule says, ‘While the batter runner runs in the second half between the home base and the first base, he interferes with the fielder by leaving the 3-foot line inside and outside the foul line. It is stipulated that if the umpire judges that it was done, it is out.

At that time, Ryu Jin-wook caught a batted ball from the third base side and tried to throw it to third base, but slipped, and the ball he threw to first base turned into a bad throw and was hit by the batter runner. It was hard to believe that the throw was hindered by the batter runner running inside the line.

Even his send bunt, which should have been successful, failed due to a 3-foot obstruction roll.

▶The purpose of the 3-foot defensive obstruction was to prevent throw obstruction.

This case was the exact opposite.

Yang Hyeon-jong even caught a ball from the first base line. Pirella was running inside the foul line.

He had no choice but to lean toward second base to avoid the batter runner and throw to the first baseman. However, the throw was too far off for the first baseman to receive. This is the reason why it was ‘judged’ as a throwing miss before the interference. If, by chance, Yang Hyeon-jong’s throw was hit by Pirella, it would probably have been outed due to defensive interference. The purpose of the 3-pat defensive obstruction rule is to prevent intentional throw obstruction. In an emergency, the batter runner may deliberately run inside.

As a result of reading both cases in the opposite case, the final decision was made unfavorable to KIA.

It was unfair enough for KIA. To be fair, the first case was much more unfair. The referee has the final authority to determine whether a 3-foot line violation is a defensive obstruction. However, it was difficult to see the first case as defensive interference. It was difficult to make such an interpretation considering the throwing angle.

▶ Two 3-foot VR readings that only KIA sniped, leaving was inevitable.

Director Kim Jong-guk, who must have remembered the regret at the time, had no choice but to jump out regardless of whether or not to leave.

Anyway, the two video readings related to the 3-foot line became a nightmare for KIA.

Another unfair reading result. KIA, who was able to finish the inning, gave up the first run with the catcher’s fastball in the 2nd, 1st and 3rd bases. In the 4th inning, Kim Jae-seong allowed a two-run four and eventually lost 1-4. An incident that provided a clue to the suspension of the 6-game winning streak that had been going on since the SSG match on the 5th. It was a disappointing result for KIA, who wanted to finish the first half with 7 consecutive wins.

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