Public opinion criticizing the measures of the Marine토토사이트 Corps is strong as a 20-year-old Marine Corpsman died after being swept away by a torrent while searching for a missing person in Yecheon, North Gyeongsang Province. As it was revealed that the Marines went on a search without being provided with life jackets, the wave is growing.

On the 20th, on the bulletin board of the Marine Corps Command, a number of articles were posted criticizing the lax measures taken during the Marine Corps search.

Previously, at 9:03 am on the 19th, around 20 marines near Bomun Bridge in Miho-ri, Bomun-myeon, Yecheon-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, using probes to search for missing people due to rain, formed a rank and searched around the river, while three members of the marines were swept away by the rapids. Two of them escaped on their own, but Private First Class Chae (20) is missing.

The firefighting and military authorities, who started the search, found Private Chae in cardiac arrest at 11:08 pm on the same day at a point 400m downstream of the Gopyeong Bridge in Wolpo-ri, Homyeong-myeon, Yecheon, but eventually died.

As it was revealed that life jackets were not provided at the time of the disappearance, some critics said, “Is the soldier’s life worth less than a pair of life jackets?” In fact, among adult life jackets sold in online shopping malls, there are many products that cost 10,000 won.

One netizen wrote on the bulletin board, “It hurts my heart to think of the soldiers who would have been trembling in fear while hanging on a rope without even the minimum safety equipment.

Another netizen expressed regret, saying, “Why the hell did this nonsense happen? I don’t understand. A young man who is only 20 years old now.”

There are also responses that say it is difficult to understand the behavior of soldiers involved in the search for missing persons. Netizens raised their voices, saying, “Why do you send ordinary soldiers who are not experts into the river?”, “They are children sent to protect the country, but how do their parents live when such a thing happens?”

On the other hand, the Marine Corps 1st Division explained to Yonhap News about the reason for not providing life jackets to the soldiers involved in the search, saying, “It was not deep when we entered the water, and it was a search activity on foot in consultation with the fire authorities.”

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