Cadiz’s Ivan Alejo stepped on Lee Kang-in’s ankle twice.

Mallorca won 1-0 against Cadiz in the 34th round of Spanish La Liga in the 2022-23 season held at Estadi Mallorca Son Moix located in Mallorca, Spain on the 13th at 4 am (Korean time). With this, Mallorca is in 12th place in the league with 44 points, widening the gap with 18th place in the relegation zone by 10 points.

On this day, Lee Kang-in, who started as well, looked very light. Lee Kang-in caught the ball in midfield in the 11th minute of the first half and then spread the ball to the side, creating his first attack scene. Cofete received the pass and immediately crossed. Muriki returned it to his head at the door, but it escaped to the side.

Lee Kang-in was the core of Mallorca’s attack. In the 15th minute of the first half, Lee Kang-in caught the ball in midfield and tried to break through the dribble. Afterwards, he stabbed a killer pass from Muriki on the right. However, Muriki’s shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. Mallorca laughed first. In the 16th minute of the first half, Lee Kang-in’s corner kick was headed by Baba, but it hit the post and flowed. Mafeo pushed it in and scored the opening goal.

Mallorca, who finished the first half 1-0, played a counterattack-oriented game with a deep line in the second half. At the center was Lee Kang-in. In the second half, Lee Kang-in continued to harass his opponent’s side defense with his sharp left foot.먹튀검증

I could have been injured. In the 19th minute of the second half, Lee Kang-in caught the ball from the left and dribbled it to the center. With a flash of movement, Lee Kang-in drew attention from his opponent’s three defenders and passed the pass to his teammate who was not under pressure from his opponent.

However, in the process, Cadiz striker Alejo made a deep tackle. It was a foul that hit both Lee Kang-in’s right ankle and left ankle. Lee Kang-in immediately complained of great pain, and it was a tackle so deep that he could not get up for a while. However, the referee only pulled out a yellow card and the situation was over.

Fortunately, it did not lead to any major injuries. Aleho also made a sorry gesture to Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in recovered quickly enough to handle the free kick he got right away. Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in once shook the net.

He seized a counterattack opportunity with 10 seconds left in the game. Muriki passed the pass to Lee Kang-in, who was infiltrating right away, and Lee Kang-in succeeded in scoring with an empty goal. However, offside was declared. This is because Lee Kang-in crossed the half line with a difference of one step when Muriki passed the pass. Although the score was not scored. Lee Kang-in was selected as the Man of the Match (MOM).

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