The SBS investigative report program ‘I Want to Know (Gal)’ was embroiled in a fairness controversy as it dealt with a dispute over the group Fifty Fifty’s exclusive contract안전놀이터. When more than 3,000 protest messages flooded the viewer bulletin board, the production team made the related video private on the YouTube channel.

According to the broadcaster on the 21st, in the episode of ‘Billboard and Girl Groups – Who Broke the Wings’ on the 19th, Grahl dealt with the truth battle surrounding Fifty Fifty’s exclusive contract dispute and structural problems in the K-pop idol industry.

On the show, the production team revealed interviews with Fifty Fifty’s original agency Attract, Fifty Fifty’s music project outsourcing company, Dugiverse, and Fifty Fifty members and their families.

The production team said on the show that △Attract and Dugiverse both had problems and that Fifty Fifty members became victims among them △Fifty Fifty members gave up their personal lives to succeed as idols at a young age △Korea’s idols The training system was cited as a problem.

In particular, at the end of the broadcast, a handwritten letter sent by the members of Fifty Fifty to the production crew of GRAL was introduced. The members of Fifty Fifty said in a letter, “It is true that we are exhausted and having a hard time due to rumors, but we are determined to persevere in order to repay those who support us.”

After the broadcast, protest messages were posted on the bulletin board of SBS viewers. From right after the broadcast on the 19th to 6pm on the 21st, more than 3075 protest messages were posted on the bulletin board of the viewers.

Netizens commented, “The production team biasedly aired the show without addressing the controversy over the alleged falsification of Ahn Seong-il’s academic background and resume, and the fact that the members applied for individual trademarks for Korean team names and activity names for their own activities.” are criticizing.

Civil complaints from the Korea Communications Standards Commission are also continuing. From the 19th to the 21st, 175 complaints about the eggs were received by the Vigilance Committee.

If the broadcasting of Fifty Fifty’s exclusive contract dispute is caught as an agenda, the Censorship Committee plans to review whether it meets the ‘fairness’ standard, which is Article 9 of the regulations (rules) regarding broadcast review.

The relevant regulations stipulate △Broadcasting must not distort the truth △Broadcasting must maintain fairness and balance △Do not give an advantage to a specific person or group or mislead the facts by using production technology or editing technology △ It should not mislead viewers by conveying one-sided opinions △ No discrimination in broadcast programming based on gender, age, occupation, religion, creed, class, region, race, etc. (excluding religious broadcasts), etc. .

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