I had to call my name at the very end, but ‘defending champion’ Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min expressed satisfaction with this tryout. Fortunately, there were players he wanted, and he nominated them according to the plan.

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) held the 2023 KOVO Women’s Foreign Player Draft in Turkey, Istanbul on the 13th (Korean time). According to the results of this nomination, a total of 7 players, 4 freshmen and 3 experienced players, will step on the V-League stage for the next season.

As a result of the bead lottery, Korea Expressway Corporation was decided in the last order. Director Kim Jong-min stepped onto the podium at the end and called the name of Banja Bukiric (24, Serbia).

Bukirich is the tallest player in the draft. She feels like Meretta Lutz from her past because of it. Lutz is a player who has been active for two seasons in the V-League from the 2019-2020 season and gave GS Caltex a treble (winning the cup, 1st in the regular league, and winning the championship match).

Bukirich also showed a high RBI attack, and showed solid defense such as blocking.

Director Kim Jong-min foresaw the ‘future’ rather than the ‘present’. Manager Kim said, “I looked at it a little longer than attack power. I chose it because it seemed to have a high possibility of growing until the next season, not right away.” We have to adjust while doing it,” he explained.

“The Korean league won’t be easy for me.

Bukirichi also smiled brightly. He expected to be chosen, but he did not know that his name would be called at the very end.먹튀검증

He said, “I was both nervous and happy. I think I felt all the emotions.” After expressing his feelings, he said, “The season ended last December. . I couldn’t make a lot of angles when attacking. (During the season) I think I will be able to show a good look by making the best condition.”

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