Croatian model and influencer Ivana Noll (30), who drew attention for her revealing outfits at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, made an unprecedented promise to win.

In an interview with German sports media on the 12th (local time), Knoll was asked, “What would you do if Croatia won (the World Cup)?” She replied, “The flag will fall.”

Regarding this, various media interpreted it as “promising to be naked.” Knoll has been wearing a red checkerboard (checkered) costume, which is also a symbol of Croatia and has been included on her national flag. ‘The flag is falling’ is, after all, a ‘nude’ pledge.

Knoll caught attention with her bold fashion in Qatar, where nudity is strictly prohibited.

Knoll became a hot topic on the 1st when he appeared in a revealing outfit at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar, where the World Cup Group F match between Croatia and Belgium was held.

On this day, Knoll wore a red checkerboard patterned bra top that symbolizes Croatia, and matched tight red leggings as bottoms.

At this time, two men in traditional Qatari clothes were sitting in the audience and could not take their eyes off him. They took out their cell phones and appeared to be filming Ivana Knoll. One of the men had a smile on his lips.

British soccer platform ‘TrollFootball’ shared this photo on its Twitter account with the caption, “Men are men.”

Knoll posted this photo on his Instagram and said, “Thank you for your support, I love you.”

Qatar, an Islamic culture, has a strict dress code. Although there are no legal restrictions on the costumes of the foreign cheering squad, the Qatari 스포츠토토 government announced prior to this tournament, “It is recommended that the knees and shoulders are not exposed in public places.”

However, every time Knoll played in Croatia, he drew attention by wearing clothes that showed off his body.

In an interview with the British Independent on the 28th of last month, Knoll said, “If I’m not a Muslim and hijab and niqab are respected in Europe, I think they should respect our way of life and religion, and even me wearing a dress like this.” revealed

When asked, “Have you ever felt the risk of being arrested for your clothes?” Knoll said, “I’m never afraid of that. My dress doesn’t hurt anyone.”

Meanwhile, Knoll was controversial after posting a video on his Instagram mocking Japan and Brazil, which lost to Croatia in this World Cup.

After Croatia beat Brazil in a penalty shoot-out on the 10th, Knoll posted a video of her dancing on Instagram, writing, “Dance the pigeon on the way home.” The Brazilian flag was displayed next to the text.

The pigeon dance is a gesture performed by Brazilian striker Richarli Song after scoring a goal, in which he puts his hands on his hips and nods his head. On the 13th, Croatia and Argentina will

play the Qatar World Cup semi-final at Lusail Stadium in Qatar.

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