It was revealed on the 15th that the reserve fund of 6.9 billion won invested in handling the ‘Jamboree crippled’ incident was mainly spent for the safety of the crew, such as buying ice and ice cream, extending clinic operating hours, and expanding lighting.

So far, it is known that a total of 31 billion won in taxes, including 6.9 billion won in reserve, has been paid in the name of resolving the Jamboree incident.

Looking at the data of the’reserve budget of 6.9 billion details’ 토토사이트received by Rep. Jung Woo-taek of the National Assembly’s Public Administration and Security Committee from the Saemangeum Jamboree Organizing Committee on this day, 2.25 billion won was executed for ‘expanding the amount of meals for participants and providing additional snacks’. This is the largest amount among the 14 items disclosed by the organizing committee.

The second largest item was ‘frozen bottled water (100,000 bottles per day), ice, and ice cream’, with a total of 1.8 billion won. Including the additional cost of refrigerated and frozen trucks (225 million won) for transporting ice, the total amount exceeds 2 billion won.

596 million won in additional electricity, water, cleaning, and labor costs and 360 million won in additional supply of medical supplies were incurred as the clinic’s operating hours were extended to 24 hours.

An additional 150 million won was invested in toilets and showers, where hygiene and drainage problems arose. 50 million won for ‘shower drain drainage’, 25 million won for ‘purchase of 50 vacuum cleaners at the operator’s cafeteria’, 20 million won for ‘purchase of additional cleaning tools’, and 50 million won for ‘garbage collection’.

It cost 400 million won to expand lighting for safety measures related to K-pop performances, and 450 million won to add street lighting.

Previously, on the 4th, President Yoon Seok-yeol approved the preliminary expenditure of 6.9 billion won to support the Saemangeum Jamboree, where thermal patients appeared one after another. At the time, President Yoon ordered, “Unlimited supply of large air-conditioned buses where scout students can take a break even for a while, and refrigerated and frozen trucks that can supply cold bottled water.”

Rep. Jung Woo-taek said, “I was able to prepare for safety-related issues such as preparation for the heatwave and medical care in advance, but the organizers’ complacent preparation for the event cost an additional amount of over 30 billion won in national blood tax.” It is something that needs to be written down and used as a teacher on the other hand, at least by making a white paper that goes back to the situation in detail.”

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