Choi Ji-man (32‧ Pittsburgh) was exercising as usual. But the phone kept ringing. He did not answer at first because he was concentrating on exercise, but the caller who wanted to talk to Ji-man Choi on the phone kept pressing the button. Choi Ji-man said he felt something unusual.

Her hunch was right. Choi Ji-man recalled that time, “I answered the phone because it kept coming. But they said, ‘It’s been a trade.'” He is not new to trade, but when he said he was leaving Tampa Bay, I had mixed feelings.

Choi Ji-man moved between several clubs after his major league debut. Choi Ji-man, who signed a contract with Seattle, made his thrilling major league debut with the Los Angeles Angels in 2016. In 2017, he went to the New York Yankees, and in 2018 he had a brief stint with Milwaukee. And the team I transferred to in 2018 was Tampa Bay. Choi Ji-man, who changed teams every year, played for Tampa Bay until last year and became a player loved by fans. Even Choi Ji-man was a special team.

However, I could feel that his trade time was approaching. Choi Ji-man is expected to qualify as a free agent (FA) after the 2023 season. Tampa Bay is a typical small market team that nurtures young players rather than spend a lot of money acquiring free agents. The parting was predestined. In fact, ahead of the trade deadline last season, it became known that Tampa Bay had matched Choi Ji-man’s card, and Choi Ji-man was also preparing his mind to some extent.

This trade was partly expected and partly not. The trade itself was predictable. But the destination was unexpected. Choi Ji-man said, “(Trade) is something that is expected every year. Korean culture doesn’t have many trades, but here it is every year, every season. I was thinking about it to some extent,” he said. I was a little unfamiliar with it. When I talked to the agent and the company, I thought of San Diego or Houston.”

But now he clearly understands why Pittsburgh traded him, and he said that’s why he feels the responsibility of being a veteran. Choi Ji-man said, “There are so many Korean players here. In a way, I thought that the image of Korean players was good.”

Pittsburgh had been speeding up its rebuilding efforts until last year. At least the beasts are quite stacked. In addition, veteran players such as Choi Ji-man,토토사이트 Carlos Santana, and Andrew McCutchen are recruited to promote current results. I am determined that I cannot continue the humiliation of the ‘100-lose team’. Expectations for Choi Ji-man are also high. He hopes to lead the team’s offense as a primary first baseman and designated hitter.

Choi Ji-man also talks a lot with Santana, who will be his direct competitor. Choi Ji-man said, “Now we are the same teammate. When I go to first base, Santana will go out as the designated hitter. Rather than competing, we talked a little more about the team. I hope you get along well.” The biggest goal is to do it. The most important thing is health. I think that if I keep my health, I will get good grades.”

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