From the inauguration press conference, he emphasized the necessity of recruiting Yang Eui-ji, but there was not much confidence that he would return to his parents’ home. This is because the competition was so fierce, and the original team, NC, also devoted all its efforts to remaining. 

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop met with reporters at the Doosan Bears’ 41st anniversary ceremony held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 16th and told the story behind the recruitment of Yang Eui-ji as a free agent.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop, who took office as the 11th commanding tower of Doosan, has been emphasizing the necessity of recruiting a ‘sure main catcher’ since his inauguration ceremony in October of last year. At the time, “I told you that the club’s weakest position is the catcher. If there is a good catcher, fielders and pitchers can comfortably play the game,” he emphasized, and at the Icheon finishing camp, “I hope there is a clear main catcher. Of course, there are many good catchers in the team, but they lack experience and depth is not thick,” he pointed out the cold reality. 

Upon hearing the request from manager Lee Seung-yeop, the Doosan front started the battle to recruit Yang Eui-ji, the ‘biggest fish’, with the opening of the FA market. After postponing the negotiations to retain Park Se-hyeok, the ‘Rabbit’, the owner Park Jeong-won came forward and persuaded Eui-ji Yang, and as a result, he became the final winner of the 3rd match against NC and Hanwha. On November 22, Doosan embraced Yang Eui-ji for 15.2 billion won in 4+2 years. 

In fact, director Lee Seung-yeop did not think highly of the possibility of Yang Eui-ji returning. Yang Eui-ji was necessary, but the competition was expected to be fierce. Manager Lee, who we met in Jamsil on the 16th, said, “I wondered if a heavy free agent player like 슬롯사이트 Yang Eui-ji could leave the team and come back. Of course, I am very satisfied now, but at that time I tilted my head.” “Yang Eui-ji heard that not only us but also other teams joined before the recruitment. He was a player that NC also cherished.”

He continued, “The possibility of returning to Doosan was not even 50/50. I thought Doosan was pushed behind by about 70:30. Even if I couldn’t come, I thought I had to do my best to bring him,” he confessed, “but an unexpected treasure came. That’s why I think the bright expression came out naturally during the joining ceremony,” he said with a bright smile. 

If so, what kind of catcher was Yang Eui-ji seen as a player? Yang Eui-ji said at the initiation ceremony last week, “Coach Lee Seung-yeop is such a national hitter that I couldn’t talk to him when he entered the plate.” Director Lee said, “I didn’t talk much. There is no intersection. He was just a senior and junior in the baseball world,” he said. “When Yang Eui-ui was sitting as a catcher, it was quite difficult. Personally, I prepared for the game by reading the propensity of the catcher, pitcher, and opponent team, but Doosan, where Yang Eui-ji was sitting, got a ball that was different from my intention to the extent that it was difficult to predict.”

“Yang Eui-ji is a clever catcher. I felt that he is a player who prepares a lot. There was no expression, so it was difficult to judge what this player was thinking.” He expressed his expectation, saying, “I think he will have more experience and cook opponents like foxes and bears.”

Director Lee also emphasized the importance of a backup catcher to support Yang Eui-ji. Director Lee said, “Yang Eui-ji cannot play all year round. The second and third catchers have to come out. When the starting player’s injury, sluggishness, or deterioration in physical strength occurs, a lot of players must come out to fill the spot,” he emphasized. The key will be how much your skills improve in this spring camp,” foreshadowing infinite competition for backup catchers. 

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