An American airline pilot made a special confession of love to a female flight attendant through an in-flight broadcast, leaving a touching impression. According to NBC

Today on the 28th of last month (local time), United Airlines pilot Cole 토토사이트Dawes (31) made a touching in-flight announcement before takeoff on a flight from Dulles, Virginia, to Madrid, Spain on July 25th. Cole, who first announced the weather conditions, introduced her flight attendant, her mother, Moyados, saying, “One of the flight attendants with us today is not only an outstanding flight attendant, but she is also my mom.” “Today is the first day I get to work with my mom at United Airlines in two years,” she continued. “My mom has been one of the biggest supporters of my life and my career as a pilot.” . She added, “Today I boarded a plane to Madrid with her mom for the first time, and she is honored and happy to be able to share this experience with you all.” He added, “I love you, Mom. And to everyone on board, welcome to family-friendly Sky.”

Cole lifted the hand of his mother who approached him during the broadcast, and the passengers who were watching applauded and cheered.

Cole posted a video of this scene on his Instagram on the 8th of last month. This video has received close to 30,000 likes so far.

According to Today, her mother, Moya, is a veteran flight attendant who has worked for United Airlines for over 45 years. Moya expressed her excitement about her son’s in-flight announcement in her interview, saying she was “surprised but really sweet.”

“It’s always been my dream to work with her mother,” said Cole, who said her father and sister are also flight attendants. “It was great to be able to show her everything I’ve learned.”

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