The pain over the abolition of the Myongji University baduk department continues. When the Myongji University and Myongji Junior College Integration Promotion Committee passed a merger plan that included the abolition of baduk and abolition last week, a large number of opposing opinions are pouring in at home and abroad. I listened to the story of Myongji University Baduk Department Head Professor Nam Chi-hyeong (Department Head).

-A diagnosis of pulmonary disease was concluded.

“This was an expected result as only 6 members of the 41 members of the TCSC were in a position to oppose it. This week, the Academic Affairs Committee, University Council, and Corporate Board of Directors are held one after another, and I plan to visit the committee members with the prepared refutation materials and ‘complain’.”

– What kind of material is it?

“These are indicators that show that they are not subject to lung disease. The international status of the Department of Baduk is firm 메이저놀이터 enough that 85 international students from 25 countries have passed through it. All categories, including student employment rate and professor research performance, are above the mid-range. The competition rate for admission has never gone below 3 to 1.”

– Restructuring is present in any organization.

“The Department of Baduk has never damaged the management of the school, and has always given only honor. This integration plan is oriented toward practical studies, and there is no department as specialized and practical as the Baduk department.”

– What would you be most concerned about if it was abandoned?

“I feel very sorry for the baduk department students and aspirants who have nurtured their dreams with the path of life in the field of baduk. The abolition will lead to the collapse of the supply and demand structure of the baduk manpower, which will seriously shrink the baduk world.”

– Student protests continue.

“From my point of view, students’ love for their alma mater is several times stronger than the school’s love for students. The school doesn’t listen to students too much. It hurts so badly that I couldn’t play a role until I faced this situation while working for more than 20 years.” (Crying)

-Is there any damage to foreign students?

“There is a program that grants you a baduk bachelor’s certificate from Myongji University when you complete 4 years of study, 2 years each at Konkyo University in Shanghai and Myongji University. There are several cases like this, and it is difficult to deal with them if they are abandoned. Proposals to strengthen exchanges that had been delayed due to the corona keep coming in… .”

– Outside of Myongji University, there is a strong movement against Pulmonary.

“I was surprised by the encouragement that far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know that the baduk world and the fans would support me with one voice like this. Thank you. It will be of great help.”

– There are about 500 signature participants on the Chinese side.

“It is said that Chinese students or graduates asked their respective provinces of birth to induce signatures. Taiwan also made and sent a list in the same way. I was moved by the cross-border love of my alma mater and love of Go.”

-What do you want to say to the school?

“As one of the baduk players, I am grateful to you for creating the department of baduk 25 years ago. Thanks to this, more people around the world can enjoy Go, and in a small way, students who passed through can work for the rest of their lives in their favorite field. We earnestly ask for the withdrawal of the abolition so that we can continue our proud history for the next 25 years.”

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