A second-year ace who gave everything for a team suffering from financial difficulties. Lee Jung-hyun’s professional basketball season 2022-23 was like a ‘boys cartoon’. Lee Jung-hyun, who grew up to be a top player in the league and a pillar of the team called ‘Carrot’, which disappeared after just one season, couldn’t stand the rising sadness of the team’s last moment.

“It’s really sad that it could be our last game in Goyang, but I’m so grateful that so many fans came until the end. I hope this isn’t the end… it’s not the end. “

Goyang Carrot barely made it to the playoffs after overcoming the ‘non-payment of KBL subscription fee’. Fans cheered the players by sending eel rice bowls, chicken, and coffee to the Goyang Gymnasium. Lee Jung-hyun also picked the most memorable moment of this season as the playoffs where he felt the support of the fans with his whole body.

“The fans gave more support in the playoffs. They not only supported me but also helped me in many ways, so I am very grateful and I was able to play hard until the end.”

Even in extreme situations where the team’s wages were delayed several times, and there were various talks about the future of the club, such as the relocation of the hometown and the team takeover, Lee Jung-hyun did not lose his unique ‘flower-like smile’. He threw a shot with a micro-fractured elbow and served as a central figure in the semi-final PO drama of ‘Inspiring Carrot’.카지노사이트

Lee Jung-hyun spent the end of an eventful season by taking selfies with fans who couldn’t leave the court after the game and signing autographs. Thanks to Lee Jung-hyun, who became the top star of the Goyang basketball team, fans smiled more than tears even on the day the season ended.

The two seasons Lee Jung-hyun spent in Goyang were special. He grew from a promising player to an MVP-level player, and competed in the PO of the semifinals after going through the semifinals. As Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi said, “Without Lee Jung-hyun, Carrot would not have made it to the semifinals,” and now he is recognized as “a player worthy of being the national team and league MVP.”

The name ‘Goyang Carrot Jumpers’ facing the end. However, Lee Jung-hyun promised another start.

“It was difficult, but thanks to the fans, I think I had the most enjoyable season. I
will rest well, prepare harder, and come back in a great way next season . ”

PS. Lee Jung-hyeon also received applause for his gentlemanly game manners.

It’s all in the past, but there was an unfair scene at the match that came early in the 4th game. At the beginning of the game, when he was being dragged by the Ginseng Corporation, Byun Jun-hyung made a miss, and Han Ho-bin intercepted it, followed by an attack with a gale-like speed. Lee Jung-hyun participated as a trailer at this moment (the role of following the attacker). Defender Park Ji-hoon lightly collided with Lee Jung-hyun. Here, the referee declared a foul on the attacker Lee Jung-hyun. Lee Jung-hyun and Carrot Bench protested strongly, but were not accepted.

In the slow scene, Lee Jung-hyun twists in the air and jumps in a diagonal direction, and Park Ji-hoon’s torso moves slightly diagonally. Strictly speaking, it was a scene where a defender’s foul could be declared rather than an attacker’s. However, coach Kim Seung-gi and Lee Jung-hyun clearly agreed to the decision. He even showed gentlemanly game manners in front of home fans. After this aggressor foul play, Carrot lost the power to pursue. It was already over, but it was a regrettable moment from Carrot’s point of view and Field Marshal Lee Jung-hyun’s point of view.

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