Nayeon (28, real name Lim Na-yeon), a member of the girl group Twice, won a 600 million won debt lawsuit related to her mother. On the 19th, the 13th Civil Affairs Department of the Seoul Eastern District Court (Director Choi Yong-ho) ruled that Mr. A, Nayeon’s mother’s former lover,토토사이트 lost the suit against Nayeon and Nayeon’s mother for rent, saying, “All of the plaintiff’s claims are dismissed.” The court acknowledged the fact that Mr. A provided support worth 600 million won to Nayeon over 12 years. However, it was deemed that there was insufficient evidence to recognize this as a loan.

Mr. A sent 535.9 million won to Nayeon over a 12-year period from August 2004 to June 2016. Additionally, over a six-year period from March 2009 to February 2015, Nayeon and Nayeon’s mother paid 115.61 million won with a credit card in Mr. A’s name. Afterwards, Nayeon debuted as a member of Twice in October 2015, and Mr. A filed a lawsuit against Nayeon and Nayeon’s mother in January last year, demanding “repayment of approximately 600 million won.” He said, “At the time, at the request of Nayeon’s mother, I paid necessary expenses such as living expenses.

” He claimed, “He lent me money,” and “Nayeon, who was a trainee at a famous entertainment agency, promised to repay the money after she debuted as a singer.” Two of Mr. A’s acquaintances appeared in court as witnesses and said, “Mr. A usually said, ‘Nayeon. He also made a statement in favor of Mr. A, saying, “Nayeon promised to repay the money I had supported so far when I debuted.”

However, the court did not accept Mr. A’s claim. The court acknowledged that Mr. A had provided support to Nayeon worth 600 million won over 12 years, but judged that there was no evidence to recognize this as a loan. The court said, “Given that the financial transaction details included monthly rent, communication fees, loans, and school fees, it can be seen that the payment was made for living expenses,” and “Considering that Mr. A and Nayeon’s mother were in a romantic relationship at the time, this could be considered a loan.” “It cannot be determined,” he ruled. He continued, “There have been several financial transactions between Mr. A and Nayeon for 12 years worth as little as 100,000 won and as much as 31 million won,” and “In light of the number, period, amount, and circumstances of such financial transactions, it is clear that Mr. A and Nayeon He said, “It is difficult to see that there was an agreement between the parties to return the money.” He

also pointed out, “Mr. A is also claiming that he ‘expected’ to receive the money back when Nayeon debuted as a singer,” and added, “The amount paid is He said, “It is difficult to view the entire thing as a loan.” He also said, “The witnesses’ statements also indicate that they did not hear the remarks from Nayeon, but through Mr. A, so these statements alone are not enough to say that the promise of repayment is true.” Mr. A said. After losing the case in the first trial, there was no appeal, and the decision was confirmed.

In relation to this, Nayeon’s agency JYP Entertainment said, “The decision has already been confirmed and concluded, so we have nothing to say as it has nothing to do with the artist’s entertainment activities.” revealed.

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