Major League Baseball, which has a week left until the start of the new season, is expected to urgently amend the rules at the request of the players union.

The Athletic of the United States mentioned on the 23rd (hereinafter Korean time) that the Major League Secretariat would announce an amendment to the rules related to the pitch clock before the start of the season.

Previously, the Major League Competition Committee held discussions on recent rule amendments. This was due to the player’s union’s request for amendments such as the 15-second limit on the pitch clock.

The players’ union took issue with the 15-second limit and the 8-second rule for batters in the absence of runners. It is yet to be seen how far MLB will accommodate these demands.

The pitch clock is a best effort to reduce game time. After the actual pitch clock was implemented, the demonstration game time was reduced from 3 hours and 1 minute in 2022 to 2 hours and 36 minutes this year.

If you are chased for a short time,토토사이트 there is room for you to become a thrower instead of a PITCHER. There is also a possibility that the pitcher will be reduced to a pitching machine that just throws the ball.

There is also a considerable opinion that the pitcher should be given a little more time. A pitcher is a PITCHER, not a THROWER, so we need to give him more time to think.

In terms of the composition of the Major League Competition Committee, the decision-making power is virtually held by the management. It remains to be seen how much the players union’s request will be accepted.

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