“If you are good at baseball, you will become a real fortune.” Watching the first training at the spring camp, coach Kim Won-hyung thought this.

SSG Landers foreign hitter Guillermo Heredia is getting better with each game. Heredia is recording a batting average of 3.77 (44 hits in 118 bats), 3 homers and 26 RBIs until the 7th. In a three-game series against the Kiwoom Heroes held in Gocheok last weekend, he collected seven hits. In the game on the last day, the 7th, 6 at-bats, 4 hits and 2 RBIs. He had a 4-hit game.

He currently ranks first in the league in batting average, first in hits and second in RBI. It is the best performance among all foreign hitters as of the present point of time. At the beginning of the season, KT Wiz Anthony Alford stood out the most, but as the team faltered, Alford’s individual performance also dropped a lot. Also, Jose Pirella of the Samsung Lions, who posted an MVP-level performance last year, is stagnant this season. Along with LG Twins’ Austin Dean, Heredia’s performance is a practical ‘two-top’.토토사이트

Coincidentally, the team’s performance is also good because the foreign hitter is good. SSG is 1st place, LG is 3rd place, and they are the teams that are fighting for the top rank.

From the point of view of SSG, who had a lot of trouble with the position of a foreign batter, Heredia is a blessing. The cruelty was long. With the exception of Jamie Romac, who has been together for five seasons and played an active role as a central hitter, there has been no success story so far. Kevin Cron, who was recruited after Romac’s retirement, was also kicked out mid-season amid disappointment last year, and Juan Lagares, who came as a substitute, did not live up to his reputation as a ‘big leaguer’.

Heredia was chosen after much thought. In fact, Heredia wasn’t the type of person who had a high batting average and hit a lot of long hits in the major leagues. However, when I saw him play the game himself, I was sure that he had his own hitting and that he was a player who could be a good fit for SSG considering the outside of the game. He also saw that his slugging power could increase in the KBO League.

Heredia’s home run count is three in 30 games, not many. SSG also wants a foreign hitter who can hit long shots, but that type of hitter has suffered numerous failures in Korea. I went through SSG and saw a lot of examples from other teams. So he made a more reasonable choice, and it is a great success so far. Even in a situation where the main hitters have ups and downs overall, Heredia can play a winning game by holding the center.

Adaptation has already been completed from the first day of camp. With his unique outgoing and friendly personality, he captivated all of his teammates at once. He even jokes with the coaching staff without hesitation. but not light When he is exercising, he is more serious and sincere than anyone else. Director Kim Won-hyung laughed, saying, “When I first saw him at the spring camp, I saw various aspects and thought, ‘If you are really good at baseball, you will be blessed.’

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