“Say it again. Are women’s fears delusions of persecution?”

Criticism toward the political world is also growing after the ‘Sillim-dong hiking trail sexual assault and murder’ targeting an unspecified woman. It is said that the responsibility of the political world for promoting conflict by putting various gender conflict issues, including the ‘abolishment of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family’, in the presidential election pledge is not small. In particular, there is even a campaign to urge the resignation of local and young politicians who gain votes by stimulating some ‘anti-feminist sentiment’ and engage in legislative activities.

On the 20th, on the ‘Wish the Assembly’ page of the Seoul Gwanak-gu Council homepage, 738 posts urging the resignation of Gwanak-gu Councilman Choi In-ho (22), the power of the people, were posted as of 4:00 pm on the same day. When news broke that a victim of sexual assault on a hiking trail in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, had died the day before, public opinion was pouring in criticizing Rep. Choi, who had openly pushed for the “complete abolition of women’s safety on the way home” and “cutting the budget for surveillance of illegal filming.”

Rep. Choi was elected as a member of the Gwanak-gu Council at the age of 20, the youngest member of the local council in the national and simultaneous local elections in June of last year. In December of last year, he promoted his legislative activities on the YouTube channel ‘Sexual Peace Choi In-ho’, saying, “In Gwanak-gu, there is no safe way for women to return home for the first time in Korea.” ‘Feminism is sex fascism! Abolish women’s organizations, gender budget, and women’s families!’ I also posted a video of free speech titled. In March of last year, when he was a preliminary candidate for district council, “Korea is not a hidden camera paradise, and male rape cartels are not prevalent. Rather, it is a very safe country with good security and objectively,” he said, promising to “cut the entire budget of 64.12 million won used for monitoring and inspection of illegal filming in Gwanak-gu.”

Looking at the ‘2023 Gwanak-gu Budget Book’ that passed the district council last year, the budget for ‘creating a strong women’s safe village together’, which was set at 119.8 million won last year, is 63.15 million won, a decrease of 56.65 million won (47.3%) compared to the previous year. It’s like it’s been cut in half in a year. Until last year, the budget for the installation of the signpost (sidewalk lighting) and projectors that marked the ‘Women’s Safe Way Home’ in Gwanak-gu has completely disappeared, and the cost of operating and producing promotional materials has also decreased by 1 million won compared to the previous year. Rep. Choi explained, “Instead of cutting the budget for women’s safe way home, we increased the amount of the safe alley project for the safety of all residents.” However, the department in charge of the relief alley project in Gwanak-gu is designated as the Urban Regeneration Division, which is far from women’s safety and public order.

Citizens who urged the resignation of the district councilor criticized that Congressman Choi’s distorted perception of violence against women and his legislative activities based on it were not irrelevant to the sexual assault and murder case that occurred in Gwanak-gu토토사이트.

A Gwanak-gu resident said on the Gwanak-gu website that day, “As women’s fear of hidden cameras and sexual crimes is driven into paranoia, they boast about plans to reduce the budget for preventing illegal filming and women’s safe return home, and as a result, public security in Sillim, Gwanak-gu has been completely destroyed. “Yesterday, too, an innocent woman lost her life. Who said that we should get rid of all related budgets because crime doesn’t happen? If you have a conscience, resign.”

Another citizen said, “(Like Congressman Choi) if you spread a promotional video that says, ‘The road to women’s safe return will disappear for the first time in Gwanak-gu,’ criminals will think ‘it’s easy to commit a crime’ and come on purpose.” I hope that this will be the case, and I hope that the safety course of Gwanak-gu will also change.”

In the social network service ( SNS ) and in the comment section of Congressman Choi’s YouTube channel, “I see all the people who take away the security and safe return of the residents of the district because they don’t like feminism while living and living.” What I got is the beginning” and so on were posted one after another.

In 2019, Rep. Choi led the so-called’Inheong High Incident’ by posting on social media the situation in which the self-proclaimed’Gender Peace Club’,’ WALIH ‘, disappeared . At the time, the club went through the process of being closed as criticism was raised on campus that it distorted gender equality consciousness and contained hatred for feminism.

In the same year, Congressman Choi said on his YouTube, “Women have no choice but to suffer more sexual crimes. It’s not that women deserve to be victimized, it’s human beings,” he said. “I sympathize with women’s fears to some extent, but there is a need to make it clear how far they are real and how far they are delusions of persecution.” In 2021, he served as senior vice-chairman of the Gender Equality Special Committee at the Youth Headquarters at the presidential candidate camp at the time of Yoon Seok-yeol.Kim Hong-tae, 33, a member of the National Youth Committee advisory committee of the Democratic Party of Korea and a former youth special advisor for presidential candidate Lee Jae-myeong, also came under criticism. Advisor Kim said the day before, “A woman died after being raped in the middle of Seoul, but the political world is so quiet.” Are you silent because you have nothing to gain politically?” Regarding this, criticism such as “Do you think you can get a good response by using the death of a woman to distort the facts and sell hate?”, and advisory committee member Kim deleted the article.

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