On the 30th, Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon strongly criticized Representative Lee for the ‘tug of war’ between the prosecution and Democratic Party of Korea leader Lee Jae-myung regarding the schedule for the subpoena investigation regarding the suspicion of Ssangbangwool remittances 토토사이트to North Korea. He directly responded by saying, “There are no cases where (suspects) disclose to the media in advance as if they are playing a strategic game about when they will go to the prosecution.” When asked about the alleged envelope incident, he responded directly, saying, “Isn’t this your place to defend yourself?”

Minister Han refuted the question asked by Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Hoe-jae during the general policy inquiry of the National Assembly’s Budget and Accounts Special Committee, “Representative Lee said he would be investigated on the 24th or 26th, but why did the prosecution say no?”

Minister Han continued, “(Representative Lee’s investigation) is a voluntary investigation, but doesn’t the lawmaker (who is a former prosecutor) know well that the suspect cannot go whenever he wants?” He added, “When the prosecution summons you, it is as if you are planning a strategy.” “I don’t think this is the attitude toward an investigation,” he pointed out.

Minister Han said, “I don’t know why the Committee on Budget and Accounts is saying this to defend the Democratic Party leader,” and added, “There are many allegations against Representative Lee, but none of them are related to the Democratic Party’s legislative activities.”

In response to Rep. Kim’s question, “The minister said that there were 20 Democratic Party members who received envelopes of money while explaining the motion for the arrest of Representatives Yoon Kwan-seok and Lee Seong-man at the plenary session of the National Assembly last June, is there any evidence?”, Rep. Kim responded, “Remarks about money envelopes are inappropriate now.” .

He continued, “The public will be shocked to see him talking about his case and asking the Minister of Justice if there is any evidence,” and criticized, “Isn’t this a place to defend yourself? I think it’s a big crime.”

Minister Han refuted the delay in the investigation into the ‘money envelope’ suspicion, saying, “Didn’t the Democratic Party (Democratic Party) bulletproof those two people (independent lawmakers Yoon Kwan-seok and Lee Seong-man)? That’s why (the investigation) is prolonging.”

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