At an elementary school in Gyeongbuk, an incident occurred in which a teacher fainted while trying to restrain a student who was causing trouble, but it was revealed that the school kept quiet and did not even report the incident to higher authorities. The student’s aggressive behavior toward teachers and friends continued for six months, but it became difficult to avoid criticism for escalating the situation as the school authorities neglected to protect teachers and prepare special measures for students. The Gyeongbuk Office of Education has even launched an emergency support team to protect teaching rights, but teachers in the field are in fact not protected by the authorities.

According to Mr. A, a teacher at an elementary school in Gyeongbuk on the 11th, Mr. A was assaulted by a student in his class, Group B, by hitting him with his hands and feet소닉카지노 several times, scratching, and pinching him on the 7th. It was reported that the incident occurred when he tried to stop Group B from violently intervening in a situation where his classmates were playing around, and Group B’s aggressive behavior reportedly continued for 20 to 30 minutes.

As a result of this incident, Mr. A suffered convulsions and fainted at the scene, and with the help of a school nurse, he was stabilized and received treatment at a nearby hospital. Due to the shock at the time, he is currently receiving hospital treatment.

It is reported that this student began showing aggressive tendencies toward her teachers and friends after enrolling last March. Teacher A reported the difficult environment in the classroom to school administrators and requested action and assistance. However, it was reported that the school had no measures to protect teachers or students.

Mr. A received examination and treatment at the hospital several times over the past six months due to Boy B’s refusal to attend class and assault, and suffered from stress-related gastritis and a nervous breakdown. Mr. A said, “I am a teacher, so I have been patient with the idea that I must teach well children who cannot adapt to school, so I have been patient until now. I have been asking for help since the beginning of the semester, and although the situation was beyond what I could handle, the school held my hand. “They didn’t give it to me,” he complained in tears.

Regarding this, an official from the Gyeongbuk Office of Education said, “It appears that there were some shortcomings in support because the matter was not properly reported. Even now, we plan to provide psychological counseling and treatment for Mr. A in connection with the Teacher Healing Support Center, and will also recognize sick leave for official duties. “It’s a plan,” he said. He explained, “Currently, those in charge have gone to the school to determine the exact circumstances of the incident, and we plan to closely examine the reason why the report was not made.”

Meanwhile, Mr. A said, “Group B’s parents sent an apology saying, ‘I am truly sorry to the teacher’ regarding this and previous incidents.”

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