It seems like any time a group of old friends gets together, they always end up reminiscing about the good old days. Friends from childhood will talk for hours about pranks they pulled in school, big games out on the football field, 메이저놀이터  and long summer days out riding their bikes through the streets.

Even men and women of a certain age who didn’t go to grade school together can still get wrapped up in nostalgia. Rather than discussing the adventures that they had with each other, they can talk about shared experiences that anyone who grew up at a certain time can remember and relate to.

Children of the 60s, 70s, and 80s love talking about the cultural experiences of their times. They talk about the music, the movies, the styles, and all sorts of other elements of the culture. Kids of the 60s had the Beatles; the 70s brought Fat Albert and his gang, while the 80s rolled out He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Unless you grew up secluded from the rest of society, you probably remember the cultural zeitgeist of your childhood.

Sweet Nostalgia

One big part of everyone’s childhood always revolved around a trip to the candy store. There was once a time not that long ago when heading out the door with a mere fifty cents meant you could stock up on enough candy to last you all throughout your busy day.

After a breakfast of sugar-filled cereal, you would get on your bike and stock up with even more sugar to help sustain you through all your adventures. Nothing helps satisfy after a grueling game of wiffle ball than a delicious chocolate bar or a sweet gummy treat.

While the carefree days of your youth may be long gone, that doesn’t mean you can’t reminisce with a taste of the past. Today you can enjoy all sorts of different candies that you remember from your wonder years. Here are a few incredible examples of nostalgic candies that will help open up the memory banks.

Bosco Milk Chocolate Bar

In the celebrated television series Seinfeld, an episode once centered around the character George Costanza’s ATM code. He refused his entire life to let anyone know the code, before finally revealing it to J. Peterman’s dying mother. As Cosmo Kramer nearly deduced (based upon George’s penchant for all things sweet), George’s password was, in fact, “Bosco.”

To members of a younger generation, this joke went straight over their heads, but many people still remember that delicious chocolate syrup of yore. Today you can purchase this tasty treat in the form of a Bosco all natural milk chocolate bar.

This Bosco bar is part of a limited run, so take advantage of this rare collector’s edition candy bar. Have a taste of the good old days with the Bosco milk chocolate bar.

Nik L Nip – Case

Many of us remember that delicious flavored water that came in the plastic containers, but who actually remembers what they were called? Well that product was Nik L Nip, and for some reason the idea of biting through wax to discover that sweet treat inside was a fantastic discovery for young children.

This case of Nik L Nip treats comes with 18 individually wrapped packages inside. Each one comes equipped with flavors that include blue raspberry, lime, orange, and cherry. You and your kids will jump for joy at the sight of these amazing snacks from yesteryear.

Time Capsule

Hearkening back to the past is different for people of all ages. One generation may remember candies that people born just a few years later have never heard of.

Looking for a present for a special person in your life? The Time Capsule you can perfectly tailor a gift to the time your friend or family member grew up in.

With the 20s time capsule you will find many treats that are familiar, and a few you have maybe never heard of. Tootsie Rolls, Hershey Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Milky Ways, and Mounds are a few of the candies you still know and love. However, who has ever heard of Chuckles or Idaho Spud? That’s the beauty of this delightful artifact!

The 60s time capsule again has special treats for children of all ages. Walk down memory lane with Lemonheads, Mallow Cups, Chunky Bars, Sweet Tarts, and Fun Dips. Jog your memory too with Big Hunks, Razzles, Look Bars, and more!

If you are a child of the 80s you can get in on the fun too with Big League Chew, Jumbo Push Pops, Nerds, Bubble Tape, Runts, Blow Pops, BottleCaps, and much more. There are even candy capsules for kids of the 50s and the 70s.

Just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy candies that you thought were long gone. Feel like a kid again with these nostalgic treats.

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