The entire area of ​​the GS E& C apartment complex토토사이트 ‘Gaepo Xi Residence’ was flooded due to heavy rain on the 11th. This is the second time since heavy rains caused water to pool in the underground parking lot last month.

Summarizing the explanations from the Gaepo Xi Residence Management Office on the 11th, heavy rain poured from around 3-4 pm on the same day, causing flooding damage at the entrance of the apartment building, community facilities, pedestrian paths in the complex, and flower beds. An official from the management office said, “As the water was concentrated on one side, a lot of water accumulated in the lowlands. A drainage pump has been installed to drain a lot of water,” he said.

The management office also broadcast an announcement that the community center operation would be temporarily closed at 4:50 p.m. The community center will reopen on the morning of the 12th.

The apartment is a large complex with 3375 households, and residents began moving in in March. Last month, the underground parking lot and ceiling repairs were carried out due to damage from leaks and standing water, causing complaints from residents.Regarding the point of poor construction, such as concerns about drainage facilities in the complex, a GS Construction official said, “There was a torrential rain this afternoon, and rainwater rapidly flowed into the complex. It is because the area here is low that water has accumulated, and it is not a problem of poor construction,” he said.

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