The captain of a fishing boat was caught by the coast guard for excessively approaching a southern bottlenose dolphin, a protected marine life in Jeju.

The Jeju Seogwipo Maritime Police Station announced on the 18th that it had caught the captain of a fishing boat shipped to Jeju Island, Mr.

The Coast Guard was dispatched at around 5:00 pm on 토토사이트the 17th after receiving a report that a fishing boat approached too close to a southern dolphin swimming 300m off the coast of Mureung-ri, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do.

When the Coast Guard was dispatched to check and search, Mr. A denied the fact of the access itself, but admitted the charges when he presented photos and videos of the informant.

In the video filmed by the reporter, the fishing boat approached the southern bottlenose dolphin within 10 to 50 meters and seemed to collide with it at any moment.

According to the ‘Act on the Conservation and Management of Marine Ecosystems’, excessive approach (within 50m) that may interfere with or disturb the movement or feeding activities of marine protected creatures is prohibited during observation or tourism activities of marine protected creatures. are doing Violation of this will result in a fine of not more than 2 million won. In the meantime, in the process of watching bottlenose dolphins using boats, there have been accidents in which dolphins collided with ships or their fins were cut off by screws.

This is the second case since May that Jeju has been caught violating the Marine Ecosystem Act.

An official from the Seogwipo Coast Guard said, “It is very helpful to take a video and report it when you witness a violation.”

The southern bottlenose dolphin is a marine mammal observed year-round off the coast of Jeju Island, and it is estimated that about 120 live there. In 2012, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries designated the southern bottlenose dolphin as a protected marine species.

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