In Finland, there is no height limit for enlisting in the military.

So even a basketball star taller than 2 meters is no exception to the duty of national defense. 


Lauri Makkanen is a Finnish basketball star who dominates the bottom of the net with great athleticism.

Makkanen’s trademark, which has turned into Utah’s ace this season, is his curly hair.

But not long ago, after the NBA regular season ended, he shaved his head.

To perform military service in Finland, my home country.

In Finland, which has a conscription system, enlistment is possible from the age of 18, and the service period of ordinary soldiers is six months.

Among the new recruits with supplies at hand, one of the tallest ones is Makkanen, who joined last week.

In Korea, if you are taller than 204cm, you are a supplementary station, but in Finland there is no related regulation, so 213cm Makanen is also active.

[Makkanen / Utah Jazz]
“I’m excited to have a new experience, and I think I’ll learn a lot.”

Makkanen is expected to work out while serving at the Armed Forces Physical Education School, which trains scouts.

The day before yesterday, Markanen, who was selected as the recipient of the NBA Skills Development Award, shared his impressions of the award and his recent military life.

[Makkanen / Utah Jazz]
“I have to get up early every day. I have to work 10-12 hours. But it’s fun to meet new friends.”

Utah fans cheered on social media, saying they hoped Makkanen would come back stronger.

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