This is a dust removal spray that can be easily purchased at household goods stores in every neighborhood. However, when inhaled, the hallucinatory symptoms are as strong as drugs, so addicts are said to be hoarding them, calling them ‘2,000 won drugs.’ Sales stopped only today when JTBC’s coverage began.

First, this is reporter Bae Seung-ju.


A college student in his 20s who quit Philopon early this year after a long period of treatment fell into addiction again a month ago.

[Mr. Kim/College student: I see a lot of cute things. I also see birds… Sometimes inspiration comes to me.]

What I tried this time wasn’t drugs.

It was a computer dust removal spray sold at a household goods store.

[Mr. Kim/College student: I thought I quit taking drugs. But as I learned new토토사이트 things about gas… ]

You can get it at a household goods store for a price of 2,000 to 3,000 won.

It is a simple alternative drug with no risk of crackdown.

This spray is spreading word of mouth among drug addicts.

The singer, who has released two albums, started inhaling the spray three years ago.

[Rapper: I tried it because I thought it wasn’t a drug. It’s popular in public. ]

It is said that its addictiveness surpasses that of most drugs.

[Rapper: Fentanyl is the strongest. It was enough to beat all existing drugs.]

This spray is a nuisance in drug addiction treatment hospitals.

Hospitalized patients may also bring it to the hospital and inhale it.

[Seung-Hyeon Park/Vice-Director of Daedong Hospital: If you come to the hospital and see this, wouldn’t there be a lot more that is spreading secretly?] It’s

easy to get, but the damage is serious.

[Cho Seong-nam/Director of National Legal Hospital: It is said that brain damage is 2 to 10 times more severe than cocaine.] A large

household goods store that sold this spray stopped selling it today when coverage began.

But we don’t know how many addicts there are.

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