Soccer YouTuber ‘Dong-go (Ko Sung-eun)’ has transformed into a K7 league coach.

Donggo FC, run by Donggo, faced off against OT FC in the second round of the 2023 season K7 Dongjak-gu Division League at Noryangjin Soccer Field in Dongjak-gu, Seoul on the 20th. Donggo FC lost 1-2 after conceding 2 goals and recovering 1 goal.

After the match, Donggo FC head coach Gu Seong-eun said, “The players were in a state of pride because of the big score win in the first round. There were also players who were late to the field before the start of today’s game. We prepared for the game in a very chaotic atmosphere,” he looked back.

Then, coach Gu said, “Donggo FC was founded last year. It is an amateur team belonging to the K7 League now, but we want to establish a systematic training and system. K7 League The final goal is to promote to the K5 League, starting with .”

Coach Koo runs a YouTube channel, ‘Dongo (a local football master),’ and is the owner of a unique career experience as a player in Spain. Leader course in Spain However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and injury, he returned to Korea and served as a player in the K5 League TNT FC.Currently, he is running and directing Donggo FC using his own various experiences and know-how.

According to the goal of the coach, the composition of Donggo FC is divided into two levels, A team and B team, respectively, participating in different regional leagues. Also, from the warm-up on this day, they showed a systematic training session that differentiated them from the general K7 team. The training and play scenes of the match were filmed on video.메이저놀이터

The limits are clear. It’s only been 2 years since it was founded, and all members are pure amateur players. Coach Koo said, “It is difficult to fit the training schedule because each player has a job. Even if a training schedule comes out, it is difficult for everyone to participate. Other than that, the players work hard. There is no big difficulty in managing the team because everyone has passion.”

Coach Koo, who compared the Spanish amateur league and the K7 league, said, “Amateur teams in Europe, such as Spain, have a solid structure to support themselves. Despite being in the lower league, the stable club management system is well established. I want to develop Donggo FC in a way that can support itself.”

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