Ask me once.”  

KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-cheol told reporters before the exhibition game against SSG Landers held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 26th. It is about Ko Young-pyo (32) with a sidearm throw who allowed 4 hits and 1 run in 3 innings in the starting match against SSG the previous day (25th).  

Koh Young-pyo chose a ‘challenge’ that gave subtle changes to his offseason pitching form. Of his new form, he said, “I’m happy with the windup, but I saw some improvement in the set position (with the runner out).”  

Ko Young-pyo left for the United States and conducted personal training with his son, who was less than 100 days old last year. He was recommended by Audrey Samer Des Paine, a former KT student, and sweated hard at the training ground where MLB players are also looking for. Here, he decided to change by seeing and learning with his own eyes. He said, “When the windup was done properly, I felt that my pitch and control were better than last year.  

After visiting the World Baseball Classic (WBC), Ko Young-pyo tested his new pitching form in earnest in an exhibition game on the 25th. He looked back, saying, “When I kicked my left foot before throwing the ball from the mound, my body leaned a little backwards. As I paid attention to this, the center of gravity moved slowly. I couldn’t get the momentum in the direction of the catcher properly, so I couldn’t properly put my strength on the ball.” . 

Ko Young-pyo found the reason why his performance in the second half of last year, which recorded 13 wins and 8 losses with an average ERA of 3.26, was somewhat sluggish with 6 wins and 3 losses and an average ERA of 3.79 (first half, 7 wins and 5 losses and an average ERA of 2.90). So, he found a point of improvement and modified his pitching form to better move the center of gravity when kicking.  

On the 25th, his first appearance in real life, against SSG, he found a problem. He said, “It was good in the wind-up state. The catcher (Kim Jun-tae) also evaluated that the power of the ball was good. I felt inadequate,” he explained. Ko Young-pyo explained the reason, “Sidearm pitchers try to bend less to throw the ball comfortably. (In the changing pitching form) Then, the arm rises.” Go Yeong-pyo plans to lower his arm height by bending his waist more. He said, “I can make use of my movement, which is my strong point.” 

Ko Young-pyo has grown into a league-top starting pitcher after being discharged. He posted double-digit wins for the second year in a row.먹튀검증 He was also dropped as a starting pitcher in the first match of the first round of WBC Group B against Australia on the 8th. In particular, accurate control is a strong point. Last year, his walks per 9 innings was 1.14, which was the lowest in the KBO League. 

However, the distribution of his pitches was not fulfilled. Regarding the reason for the change, he said, “I want to pitch better and contribute to the team’s victory.” Koh Young-pyo wants to please coach Lee Kang-cheol, who won 152 wins as an underhand pitcher. He said, “Even (a similar type of coach) doesn’t want my arm to rise when pitching. I am concerned that the release point has increased.” Koh Young-pyo headed to the locker room, saying, “If the coach asks about me again, please tell me.” 

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