Controversy continues to arise regarding the greetings of a close aide to Gyeongnam Governor Park Wan-soo and Changwon Mayor Hong Nam-pyo.

When KBS looked into the recruitment process for the new head of the professional football team, Gyeongnam FC, it was confirmed that, unlike regular employees, the ‘reason for disqualification’ was greatly simplified.

The new leader, who is considered an aide to Governor Park, has a history of violating the election law, and controversy over the appointment itself is illegal.

Reporter Song Hyun-joon reports.


This is the recruitment announcement for the general manager and staff that Gyeongnam FC released on its homepage last month.

Employees at the level of employees presented qualification conditions that there should be no grounds for disqualification under the ‘National Public Officials Act’ and the ‘Local Public Officials Act’.

On the other hand, the head of the group presented only some of the reasons for disqualification under the ‘Local Public Officials Act’.

The reason for the disqualification of the general manager who oversees the club under the CEO is looser than that of general employees.

As a result of this open recruitment, the person who was appointed as the new head was former secretary Jeong Won Jeong, who was a member of the National Assembly of South Gyeongsang Province Governor Park Wan-soo.

Jin was appointed as a special advisor to Gyeongsangnam-do last year, but his appointment was canceled after it was revealed that he had violated the election law in the past, causing controversy.

The bigger problem is that the appointment itself can be illegal according to the fine of 1 million won.

The Public Official Election Act prohibits those who have been fined more than 1 million won from working in public office as an executive for 5 years, because Gyeongnam FC is a ‘public office-related organization’ with 58.9% of Gyeongsangnam-do’s shares.메이저놀이터

Regarding this, Ji Hyeon-cheol, CEO of Gyeongnam FC, said, “The general manager is only an ordinary employee, not an executive, and he has been fairly selected as an outside member. However, the story in the professional football world is


. Most of the professional soccer team leaders said that they do not have a guaranteed retirement age like regular employees, but are executives who sign contracts for 2 to 3 years depending on performance

. He expressed his feelings that it was unfair to see him as an aide.

Governor Park Wan-soo is even thinking about selling Gyeongnam FC.

Following the CEO, even the newly appointed head of the team is causing controversy over professionalism.

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