The testimony of a Daejeon elementary school teacher who made 토토사이트an extreme choice after suffering malicious complaints from parents that she could not even go to the supermarket near her home for fear of meeting the parents while she was alive is making people feel sad.

According to the Daejeon Teachers’ Union, Teacher A, who died on the 5th, was said to have continued to suffer even after the end of the school year due to extremely malicious complaints.

According to the testimony of the bereaved family, Mr. A often encountered the parent who sued him at a supermarket or coffee shop near his home, and each time, it was found that he had difficulty breathing and was restless.

He also said, “I was afraid of meeting my parents, so I went to a supermarket far away to buy groceries instead of the one near my house.”

Seeing Mr. A struggling, his family also asked, ‘Why can’t I get help from my job when I’m working?’ However, it is said that Teacher A, who did not receive help from anyone at the time, did not say anything.

People who heard this news said that they could clearly feel the extreme stress that the deceased was under during his lifetime, and criticized the school’s virtually hands-off attitude, such as why the Committee to Protect Teacher A’s rights was not held as requested by Mr. A.

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