A confrontation between master and disciple. This is the magic that can only be seen in 3×3. Lee Seung-jun, who is in charge of coaching at Chosun University, also laughed, saying, “It was a fun experience.”

The 1st Seoul Tournament of KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2023 was held on the 15th at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul. Hansol Remicon, which was placed in Group B of the Korea League men’s division, finished the preliminary round with two wins and advanced to the finals.

The second round of the preliminaries was a confrontation between master and disciple. Hansol Remicon is a team that Chosun University coach Lee Seung-jun belongs to. Chosun University divided 8 players into two teams and competed as Chosun University A and Chosun University B. In addition, Dongwoo Kim, a graduate of Chosun University, was also a member of Hansolemicon.

Hansolicon started the game with 3 runs in a row, but turned the tide in the middle of the game. In a situation where they were behind 9-11, 7 points in a row brought the flow at once. There was no mercy. Lee Seung-jun succeeded in a come-from-behind 2-point shot and won a series of rebounds based on his overwhelming physical condition, giving Hansol Remicon a victory.

Lee Seung-jun said, “It was difficult because it was a 3×3 that I had been playing for a long time. I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I ran a 3×3. He had the idea to rebuild his body,” he laughs.

Lee Seung-jun was hired as a coach at Chosun University last month and started his coaching career in earnest. In 3×3, it’s like having a head-to-head matchup with his students. Lee Seung-jae and Yun Su-hwan, who participated as members of Chosun University B, fought hard in the face-to-face confrontation with their teacher, but were unable to win.

However, Seungjun Lee took care of his disciples first. Lee Seung-jun said, “Our players ran too hard. It was nice to see. If I show my confidence like today in the college league, I think I can get better results.” Lee Seung-jun added, “Of course, growth is more important to our players than winning or losing.”

How was his last month as a coach? Regarding this, Lee Seung-jun said, “It’s fun to teach students what I’ve learned so far. The players are also kind, so they put a lot of effort into carrying out the part they have been instructed. The chemistry with the coaching staff is also good.”

Chosun University,먹튀검증 where Lee Seung-jun is coaching, Kang Yang-hyeon, the coach, is holding the baton. Director Kang Yang-hyun also drew attention as the real protagonist of the recently released basketball movie ‘Rebound’.

He said, “I also enjoyed the movie. I was surprised to see that the actors looked just like the real players,” said Seungjun Lee with a laugh. I hope the popularity of basketball will revive through this opportunity.”

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