The defending champion was eliminated in the first round.

On the 15th, in celebration of Teacher’s Day, the 77th Golden Lion Contending National High School Baseball Tournament and Weekend League Wangjungwangjeon (co-sponsored by Donga Ilbo, Sports Donga, and Korea Baseball Softball Association) held at Mokdong Stadium and Shinwol Stadium in Seoul, last year’s winning team Gyeongnam High School packed its bags after just one game.

Gyeongnam High School met Chungam High School, another ambush in this tournament. An easy game was expected, but no one expected that it would be such a one-sided match. The result of an 8-0, 7th inning called game was quite shocking in itself.

However, on the contrary, it was also a counter-evidence that Chungam High School showed a well-organized appearance.먹튀검증

Chungam High School scored 3 points in the beginning of the 2nd inning, starting with a timely hit by Kim Hyun-woo, number 9 in the offensive line. Chungam High School, which scored 3 points in the 4th inning thanks to Lee Choong-heon’s performance in the 3rd, completed a cold game by giving up one more point in the 6th and 7th innings. Sophomore ace Park Gun-woo pitched 4 and 2/3 innings and was recorded as the winning pitcher.

On the other hand, Gyeongnam High School ace Na Yun-ho, who won the Golden Lion Award for Outstanding Pitcher last year, had to bow his head while recording 3 runs (2 earned) in 4 innings.

Meanwhile, in the third game held at Mokdong Stadium, Busan Technical High School and Yarogo BC exchanged 39 pitches, resulting in a score of 14-10 (Busan Technical High School won). It was also a phenomenon that occurred when the robot referee’s strike zone was strictly set, and all balls that were not controlled even slightly were not judged as strikes.

※ Results of the 77th National High School Baseball Contending for the Golden Lion (2nd day of competition, 5/15)

Seoul Chungam High School 8-0 Busan Gyeongnam High School (7th cold)
Jeonbuk Jeonbuk High School 6-4 Chungnam Cheonan Commercial CS
Busan Technical High School 14-10 Gyeongnam Yaro High SchoolBC
Daegu Sangwon High School 11-1 Jeonnam Naju Gwangnam High School (6th Cold)
Daegu High School 9-1 Gyeongnam Changwon Technical High School
Gwangju Dongseong High School 5-2 Seoul Cheongwon High

School Day 3, 5/16)

Gyeonggi Sangwoo High School vs Gyeonggi Jinyeong High School (09:00) Gyeonggi Bibong
High School vs Daejeon Jeil High School (11:30)
Gyeongnam Mulgeum High School vs Busan High School (14:00, above Mok-dong)

Gyeonggi Chunghun High School vs Chungbuk Segwang High School (09:00)
Gyeonggi Aviation High School vs Daejeon High School (11:30)
Seoul Seongnam High School vs Gyeonggi Sorae High School (14:00, Shinwol above)

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