Chelsea in the English Premier League (EPL) this season are receiving a lot of criticism.

The sluggish appearance from the beginning of the season has continued to this day. Liverpool, too, was sluggish in the beginning, but has been showing a resurgence recently, while Chelsea are getting worse as time goes on. Head coach Graham Porter was sacked, and head coach Frank Lampard stepped in as a firefighter, but he is currently losing 6 official games in a row.

Chelsea also collapsed 1-3 in the match against Arsenal in the 34th round of the EPL in the 2022-23 season held at the Emirates Stadium on the 3rd. He conceded one goal to Arsenal Jesus and two goals to Odegaard. Chelsea only scored one goal from Madueke. Chelsea’s ranking is 12th, and they don’t seem to have the strength to go any further.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, who watched the match, left a harsh reputation for Chelsea.

Carragher criticized: “Arsenal have been really good. Chelsea, on the other hand, are really shocking. Chelsea are a mess.”안전놀이터

He added: “Unfortunately, Chelsea have gotten worse since Lampard came. Chelsea fans have gotten worse too. It’s amazing to see how much Chelsea have fallen in the last 12 months.”

Finally, Carragher defined Chelsea in one line. He summed up Chelsea by saying, “Chelsea is like a team of five players. Besides, three of them can’t even play properly.”

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