Barcelona have risen to the top of the Spanish Primera Liga in four years. Coach Xavi Hernandez, who led Barcelona’s revival as a player in the past, won the Primera Liga title this time as a leader.

Barcelona won 4-2 in the 34th round of the Primera Liga in the 2022-23 season against RCD Espanyol held at the ECDE Stadium in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 15th (Korean time).

Barcelona, ​​which has recently won three consecutive wins, widened the gap with Real Madrid (22 wins, 5 draws, 7 losses, 71 points) to 14 points with 27 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses (85 points). With this, Barcelona confirmed the league title regardless of the results of the remaining four matches.

It is the return to the throne after 4 years since the last 2018-19 season, and it is the 27th championship in total. The gap with Real Madrid (35 times), which boasts the most championships in history, has also narrowed.

Coach Xavi, who took the helm of Barcelona during the season in November 2021, lifted the league championship trophy in his second season.

Coach Xavi, a world-class midfielder, has experienced 8 league titles, 3 Copa del Rey titles and 4 UEFA Champions League titles with Barcelona during his playing days. This time, as a manager, he enjoyed the joy of winning the Primera Liga.

Barcelona, ​​which has suffered financial difficulties since last season, recruited Robert Lewandowski, Rafinha, and Jules Kunde, while overdoing it in the summer transfer market, to give strength to coach Xavi.

Xavi’s Barcelona responded to the club’s support. Barcelona has recorded 7 wins and 1 draw in 8 matches since the opening of the league. In El Clasico against Real Madrid for the first time this season, the atmosphere was briefly broken by a complete loss 1-3, but it was quickly restored.

After losing against Real Madrid,카지노사이트 Barcelona took 12 wins and 1 draw in 13 games, and rose to the top again. Since then, Barcelona has confirmed the championship without giving up a single lead.

In addition, in March, he succeeded in revenge by winning 2-1 in the second El Clasico against Real Madrid held at home.

After confirming the championship, coach Xabi said, “It is the result of the team’s efforts and sacrifices over 10 months.” I was able to give it,” he said with satisfaction.

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