Investors’ belief that ‘Ecopro is invincible’ is cracking. This is because the stock price of EcoPro, which seemed to have settled at the imperial level (price per share of over 1 million won), has been falling steadily. The decline over the past five trading days is a whopping 20%. As the stock price, which hit an all-time high of around 1.5 million won at the end of July, is now in a position to give up its position as an intraday stock for the first time in a month and a half, the view that it is a sign that the trend has broken is gaining strength.

According to the Korea Exchange on the 8th, Ecopro, which recorded the record of being the ‘5th emperor stock in KOSDAQ history’, closed trading at 1,006,000 won, down 4.19% from the previous day. Although it barely managed to maintain its position as the emperor, it was pushed down to 997,000 won at one point during the day. This is the first time since July 28 that EcoPro’s stock price fell below 1 million won during the day. On this day, the stock prices of EcoPro BM ( -3.99 %) and EcoProHN ( -3.59 %) also fell.

The combined market capitalization decrease of these three companies in one day amounts to 2.4 trillion won. If we extend the period and look at the amount that has evaporated this month, it exceeds 10 trillion won. The market capitalization of each company in September was as follows: EcoPro BM (KRW 5.2064 trillion), EcoPro (KRW 4.9491 trillion), and EcoPro HN (KRW 148.4 billion). The stock prices of the three companies fell every day for five trading days this month.

In the stock discussion room, individual investors left comments such as, ‘At this level, you are not an eco-pro, you are an eco-captive,’ and ‘I can’t take it any longer. I am giving up after seeing a 17% loss.’ On the other hand, there are also those who say that they will use the falling stock price as 토토사이트a buying opportunity, such as ‘If it falls, it is better to be able to buy more.’

In the actual market, investors who have lost direction in supply and demand are rapidly withdrawing. In the past month, individual investors have sold more than 1 trillion won in net sales of EcoPro, and most of that volume has been received by foreign investors. On the other hand, individuals showed a buying advantage in EcoPro and EcoPro HS, purchasing KRW 224.6 billion and KRW 35.1 billion, respectively.

What will be the future direction of the stock prices of the three EcoPro companies? As investor anxiety grows over stock prices that are falling day after day, Yeouido’s diagnosis is mixed.

Jeong Won-seok, a researcher at Hi Investment & Securities, described the current situation as ‘normalization of abnormality.’ Researcher Jeong said, “The stock price of the domestic secondary battery industry has shown a steep rise since the beginning of this year, centering on cathode material companies,” but added, “Even taking into account the existing mid- to long-term production capacity plan and performance estimates, the stock price has risen abnormally. That is why the current stock price is falling. “It can be read as a process in which valuation goes from abnormal to normal,” he emphasized.

A fund manager at an asset management company also said, “The rise in Ecopro’s stock price reflects expectations for the U.S. market in advance, but looking at the recent battery supply to North America, this cannot be verified with clear numbers.” He added, “The potential is clear, but adjustment seems inevitable in the short term.” He said.

There is also optimism that the current weakness will not continue. The representative of a hedge fund management company said, “Although EcoPro BM is also falling, I think EcoPro’s weakness is part of the process of narrowing the gap with EcoPro BM.”

Another industry insider said, “As it is a global leader in cathode materials, its business capabilities have been proven, and there are still upward momentum, such as the listing of Eco Pro Materials, so it is difficult to believe that it will continue to fall,” adding, “If stocks that are already on track are falling sharply, “It’s rare,” he said.

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