Lotte Giants won a winning series against Doosan Bears and KT Wiz in 6 consecutive games after 4 consecutive games were canceled due to rain and secured second place. The power of the mound stood out, but Lotte’s weekly ERA was 2.43, the lowest among 10 teams.

Even though both the starter and bullpen aces were sluggish, the mound was solid. It does not depend on a specific pitcher, and it is not easily collapsed as pitchers who had faltered rebounded.

Lotte lost a total of 16 points in six consecutive matches against Doosan and KT from the 9th to the 14th. Of these, 6 runs were recorded by starting pitcher Na Kyun-an (4 runs) and bullpen pitcher Kim Jin-wook (2 runs). The average ERA for the week was 7.20 for Na Kyun-an and 10.80 for Kim Jin-wook.

These two are the main pitchers of Lotte’s blast this season, and they pitched outstandingly until the 2nd, allowing Lotte to run for 9 consecutive wins and rise to the top spot alone. During this period, Na Kyun-an won the April KBO League Most Valuable Player (MVP) with 4 wins and an average ERA of 1.34, and Kim Jin-wook also kept the back door with an average ERA of 0.00.

However, they have been slowing down lately. Na Kyun-an struggled with 8 hits and 4 runs in 5 innings against Sajik Doosan on the 11th. Starting with the KIA Tigers game in Gwangju on the 3rd (4 innings, 5 runs), pitching is not good. Kim Jin-wook also lost a sense of stability, conceding 3 runs in 4 recent games.

As the two key pitchers performed sluggishly, it seemed that a crisis was coming to the Lotte mound, but there were quite a lot of ‘good throwing’ Lotte pitchers.

First of all, starting pitchers who had not been able to give faith other than Na Kyun-an succeeded in rebounding.

Foreign pitchers, who were likely to be replaced, came out of a long tunnel of sluggishness. Dan Strayley, who was judged early every time, made a quality start (starting 6 innings or more and 3 earned runs or less) in all 2 games last week, blocking 12⅓ innings with 2 runs, and Charlie Barnes also pitched the best pitch of the season with 6⅔ innings, 8 strikeouts and no runs against Doosan on the 10th. unfolded

In addition, 4th starter Park Se-woong and 5th starter Han Hyun-hee also played an active part with 1 run in 5 innings and no runs in 6 innings, respectively. Excluding Na Kyun-an, the average starting ERA recorded by these four players was only 0.90.먹튀검증

The bullpen also had a lot of ‘reliable men’. Closer Kim Won-joong and Choi Jun-yong, who were called up three times, both allowed no runs, and seven out of 10 pitchers who pitched in relief at least once last week had an ERA of 0.00. Pil Seung-joo, Kim Sang-soo and Koo Seung-min, were twisted once in a while, but they did not collapse in succession. Adding diversity to the bullpen has made managing the back door easier for manager Larry Sutton.

As the mound held up like this, Lotte was able to continuously win baseball. Every year in May, the performance plummeted, but as of the 15th, Lotte’s May performance was good with 5 wins and 3 losses.

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