“Oh, no luck. Why did (FA) get lucky. It’s a burden…. As promised, I’m sorry, so I decided to officiate the wedding ceremony.”

Since they were closer than anyone else, it was a joke that came out without hesitation even in public. A veteran franchise star whom LG Twins general manager Cha Myung-seok, the “King of Communication”, mentioned during his final communication with fans this year. It was Lim Chan-gyu.

LG will challenge the championship next season with a strong pitching staff. First of all, Casey Kelly and Adam Plutko will come out with a foreign one-two punch, just like this year. Next, two young guns, Kim Yun-shik and Lee Min-ho, are strong candidates for the 3rd and 4th selection. Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop, the new head coach, also mentioned the names of Kim Yun-shik and Lee Min-ho first among the native candidates.

and the rest of the digits. Infinite competition unfolds for the 5th selection. Along with Kang Hyo-jong, Lee Ji-gang, Kim Young-joon, and Kim Yoo-young, Lim Chan-gyu, who was in charge of the 3 starting pitching team last year, is one of them. Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “Lim Chan-gyu is also one of the candidates for selection.”

Lim Chan-gyu, who joined LG as the 2nd pick in the 2nd overall 1st round in 2011, is one of the few remaining franchise stars of the LG Twins. He will be in his 토토사이트 13th year as a pro next year. Lim Chan-gyu succeeded in winning 10 again in the 2020 season following 11 wins in the 2018 season. But this season, he posted a disappointing performance on his own, going 6-11 with a 5.04 earned run average.

He obtained FA (free agent) status after the 2022 season. A chance for glory that any professional baseball player dreams of. However, it was decided to boldly postpone the exercise of the rights to next season.

Lim Chan-gyu said in an interview with Star News after making a second free agent decision, “I didn’t help the team much this season. I also had poor results. I brought a lot of disappointment to the fans.” Without one, I felt sorry that I would not be able to apply for free agency. It felt like a betrayal in itself. I really want to win the championship at LG. That is the first thing. Applying for free agency is a state of dedication to the team. I think it’s the right thing to do,” he said vigorously.

In his final YouTube live this season, General Manager Cha directly received questions from fans about Lim Chan-gyu. He said, “He came to me and said he would not do it. I thought that I would like to receive a lot next year. He comforted me a lot. It’s a pity this year, but I told him to work harder and do well next year.” “And as promised, I was sorry, so I decided to officiate. With that, we reached an agreement. I was talking casually with me, but I was embarrassed to be talking seriously. did not hesitate to cheer.

After the season, Lim Chan-gyu went straight into preparation for next season without a break. He is still personally training and pouring sweat. Ahead of spring camp training, he plans to leave Korea and build his body separately. Lim Chan-gyu said confidently that he was “still young”. Will he be able to repay the trust of the leader of his ‘best friend’ by making 2023 his year?

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